What factors will affect the Cottonseed oil press machine oil rate?

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Cottonseed oil press machine

When we use Cottonseed oil press machine, often find a certain amount of raw materials, squeezed out of the oil is sometimes more often less. So, how to make Cottonseed oil press machine maintain a stable working condition, and improve the oil rate of Cottonseed oil press machine it? In fact, to improve the Cottonseed oil press machine oil rate is very simple, as long as the oil pretreatment of this process, improve the Cottonseed oil press machine oil rate that It is not a matter. The quality of the pretreatment will directly affect the normal operation of Cottonseed oil press machine and the rate of oil. Different oil requirements of the pre-treatment process is also different, but the oil pretreatment process in the four basic links or indispensable:
1. Clean, the processing of oil generally contain a certain amount of impurities, if not carefully selected will accelerate the wear of Cottonseed oil press machine internal parts, reduce the oil press oil rate, serious will cause the oil press damage.
2. Peel, for some shell with the oil, it should be stripped of the shell and then pressed, so you can save efficiency, improve productivity and oil rate.
3. broken, some of the oil can be a whole into the press, but after the broken or rolling embryo, the oil rate will be significantly improved.
4. Steam frying, steaming is to improve the oil rate of the most important part, even if the oil first wetting treatment, and then dried by the wok, and finally pressed.
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