The use of small screw oil press machine and the rate of oil

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screw oil press machine

We often encounter some presses in the choice of machine users do not know which choice of models, in fact, choose how much the model, mainly to see your customers their own needs, do not blindly listen to some of the recommendations of poor manufacturers , More ask some manufacturers, in this, the source of the machine to say, generally used to the oil press oil rate: 60 small oil press an hour production 40-60kg, 80 medium oil press an hour production 65 -130kg, 100 medium-sized oil press an hour production 140-280kg, 125 large oil press an hour production 300-400kg, Kam Tai Machinery said these production, customers can do in the purchase of reference, purchase needs Cautious, model fit for what you need best for.
Small oil press is mainly used for hotels, supermarkets in the special oil press. Simple and convenient, with a vacuum filter, automatic temperature control function. Out of the product oil quality is good. Taste incense, the oil rate is also high. Now mainly for rural areas to do with the processing. Small oil press in the urban area to do the field processing, so that looks more transparent production, so that customers more at ease. Almost all of the oil crops can be squeezed through a small press. Including peanuts, soybeans, sunflowers, rapeseed, walnuts, cottonseed, and so on. Especially peanut oil and sesame oil, because the price is more expensive. The market often have fake and leaching oil, adverse health, so the way the field processing more satisfied with the needs of the user to pay attention to genuine. Is now the main use of urban areas.
Small oil press to increase the pressure point, multi-level propulsion, to strengthen the degree of compression of raw materials, improve the oil rate, while speeding up work efficiency. Unique inner groove design, more easy to oil outflow, from the hardware to further improve the oil rate. Using a variety of fine filter system device to achieve a true sense of the squeeze filter to improve the degree of automation of the press, completely solve the problem of oil purification.
Small screw oil press machine Features:
1. Simple and convenient, the operation is very easy, it is easy to grasp the operation method, at the same time, also save manpower;
2. Loss of small, for the oil to take the physical squeeze method, not because of high temperature and other factors affect the nutrition of oil;
3. Environmental health, the use of natural oil extract, without additives, to ensure the health and safety of oil;
4. Energy efficient, this small oil press, the consumption of energy is small, the efficiency of processing is relatively high;
5. Small size: oil press the province size is relatively small, relatively light weight, so easy to carry, you can put on the motor vehicle, and then mobile sales.
In short, the use of this small oil press equipment, to bring a great convenience for those engaged in self-employed people, is a good choice, the low cost of investment, processing of oil types, to get Good economic benefits.
Small multi-purpose oil press a machine to achieve the quality of leap, as a high-quality oil press equipment manufacturers Our task is to produce more high-quality products in recent years the market is facing a serious test, coupled with competition Intense, as a manufacturer in terms of we have to do their own image in the production of product quality is better, but also have the right price, if the price is too high the average customer will not accept, but the price is too low There will be no profit, so we must strictly guard the degree of the problem.
This problem has been a very good solution to the good development of our situation, of course, will leave a lot of problems, we have to analyze these issues is very thorough, and a one solution, will be better To promote the development of strides forward, in most of the manufacturers are if the production of better quality products, the product cost of high price, high prices will affect the late sales, sales means that there is not much return, which will lead to Manufacturers have no way to long-term development, and some manufacturers of products is very low prices, but there is no guarantee of quality, if a customer to buy this equipment, the purchase of the time there is a cheap in the late will encounter large and small Small problems in the latter part of the maintenance if you encounter a large maintenance problem, the cost will be used in the above will increase, it will feel no purchase price of high quality guaranteed products, this quality Not only on the cost of lower will be in the highly competitive market to occupy a seat status, most of the small and medium enterprises to improve the development of According to the quality of the product, thus increasing the cost, high labor costs, coupled with the market competition is too intense, improve the cost means lower profits, so caused a lot of contradictory problems, if the problem can be a good solution means The whole oil industry has a better development prospects, in the face of this situation we as a manufacturer to solve this problem as a top priority.
We are engaged in a single sale when the small cold oil press also do wholesale, we promise that our Kam Tai's equipment not only in quality assurance, but also to ensure that the price is the lowest, if you want to know the situation can always give We contact.

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