The advantages of the new screw oil press machine

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screw oil press machine

The new screw oil press machine is oriented with pressure, multi-level advance, a squeeze net, the oil rate greatly improved.
The new screw presses strengthen the feed system, increase the propulsion speed, and improve the efficiency. The new screw presses electronic program control, scientific heating, automatic control of the press temperature.
The new screw press is air negative pressure principle, using vacuum shunt technology, built-in vacuum shunt, oil, slag effective separation.
The new screw press structure is compact, occupies less space; the transmission system is fully enclosed protection, safe and convenient operation. Machine table using the latest material made of electrostatic spraying, strong adhesion, greasy, high temperature. Both beautiful and easy to clean, to ensure health, the use of high-quality wear-resistant steel and anti-fatigue casting with scientific, stable performance, to ensure long-term continuous operation of equipment and durable.
The new screw press is widely used in the production of sesame, rapeseed, peanut, cottonseed, soybean, tea seed, corn embryo and other oil crops. Is the best choice for venture capitalists and troop life centers, hotel hotels, large and medium-sized cafeteria and other units and individuals.
The new screw press is mainly composed of electrical control, automatic heating, adjustment, transmission and vacuum filter oil and other components. Crushed by the alloy steel by carburizing treatment to enhance the surface hardness and wear resistance; squeeze row through the surface grinder grinding to ensure oil line accuracy, improve the oil rate; distribution, vacuum, automatic heating and other standard components, the choice of well-known domestic Brand, optimize the machine configuration; machine surface with stainless steel and chrome-plated, in line with food hygiene standards.
Jin Tai brand automatic multi-function screw press advantage:
1, the machine uses the latest technology, the use of high-quality steel carefully manufactured, easy to operate, once squeezed net, vacuum filtration, the oil rate is high, pure oil. Especially to adapt to sesame, peanuts, rapeseed, tea seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, walnuts and other oil crops squeeze.
2, the oil rate is high, advanced design, reliable performance, simple operation, easy maintenance, oil press cheap.
3, compared with the old equipment, the normal oil rate can be higher than 1 to 4 percentage points per kilogram of peanuts can be an average of more than 2-6 kg, the annual economic benefits are considerable.
4, energy saving, the same output to reduce the power of 40% to an average of 6 times per hour to save electricity calculation, the production can save 30 yuan electricity.
5, the provincial workers, the machine is a fully automatic oil press, one can be produced on their own.
6, wide use, a multi-purpose machine, small size, the oil rate is high, suitable for use in the shampoo Square, and the machine easy to move, can be moving oil, can be pressed peanuts, sesame seeds, rapeseed, oil sunflower and other oil crops The Multi-level press, a squeeze the net. 7, pure oil, centrifugal filter oil filter residue, to ensure clean oil, in line with health and quarantine standards.
8, the use of materials stress; as the main parts of the oil press performance and durability: squeeze screw, the material used in the most wear-resistant mold steel Cr12, CNC machine tool after forming through high temperature gas carburizing, to ensure that the squeeze snail surface and internal The same high hardness to achieve high wear resistance of the physical properties. Here the three Friends of the solemn promise, in the normal use to ensure that the minimum squeeze rapeseed minimum 40 million jin above, some users squeeze to 80 million pounds to 100 million pounds is also a lot, buy equipment is to buy quality, buy quality products to give you A steady stream of benefits.
7, with the improvement of living standards, people on the requirements of healthy edible oil is getting so high that the oil press industry is rapidly rising, and the market there are still manual operation of the screw press, this oil press is not only efficient Low, and the quality of the oil is poor. With the progress of the market and the development of the oil press market has developed a fully automatic oil press, this fully automatic oil press completely reduce the manual trouble and manual operation of the insecurity, the machine fully automatic operation.
Automatic oil press
According to authoritative statistics, the country's large and small presses about 400 million, the annual oil press market sales of about 20 million units, so the automatic oil press market is very large, and very wide, old spiral Oil machine in the production of the production cycle is long, low oil quality, high failure has not adapted to the needs of modern edible oil production, the market is an urgent need to ensure the quality, but also can now sell, easy to operate, the failure rate Low new oil press.
Automatic oil press is such a condition to meet the machine, it will press oil, oil, oil and a series of processes as a whole, as long as the user will put the oil into the machine, by pressing, oil, oil can be Safe consumption, sales. The machine has automatic temperature control device, provincial manpower, wide use, improve the efficiency of the press. Like traditional sunflower seeds, peanuts, soybeans and other agricultural materials, can be squeezed clean.
With more and more squeeze the oil mill to abandon the traditional hand oil, choose automatic press press oil, automatic oil press will also be all over the region, landing to take root, usher in a broader world. The advantages and advantages of automatic oil press will be better to promote the development and improvement of oil extraction industry.

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