Production Technology of Soybean Screw Oil Press Machine

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screw oil press machine

Soybean is the main oil, then the use of screw oil press machine processing process of soybeans must know! In order to better produce soybean oil. According to the processing method is divided into pressed soybean oil, leaching soybean oil, according to the type of soybean can be divided into soybean oil, transgenic soybean oil.
1, hot pressing: soy - clear - broken (or rough) - softening - rolling embryo.
Operation Description: Soybean oil selection machine to filter to miscellaneous, so that a large number of impurities, broken up to 2-4 petals, and then soften, so that the moisture content of soybeans in about 15%, softening time 40-50 minutes, and then The use of rolling embryo, rolling embryo has two points: First, damage the cell tissue so that oil easily flow out from the cell. Second, the granular soybean into thin slices, surface area increases, increasing the oil area, and greatly shorten the oil leaving the embryo material, into the steamed wok for steaming, steamed to soybean moisture in the 1.5-2.8 % Range, the temperature to 100-110 degrees that can begin to press the press for crushing, cake thickness control in 1.5mm or so.
2, cold pressing: soybean cold pressing can be the whole seed pressing, so that the whole seed pressing to strictly control the water, the general control of about 8% of the water, and pay attention to the machine heating temperature, the body temperature is always maintained at about 80 ℃, before To press.
Through the above two kinds of pressed soybean production process, we have to select the press will know, cold pressing and pressing machine two completely different oil press, the machine design in the body or a difference, of course, the price is not the same, If you want a more detailed understanding of the pressing machine and cold press the detailed parameters, please contact with our company, we will give you a satisfactory answer.
Soybean oil is essential for our daily life and is one of the most common edible oils. Our company's screw presses can squeeze rapeseed oil, peanut oil, and crush soybean oil. Soybeans are low-oil crops. Soybean oil content in the range of ll-20%, under normal circumstances, the water content is generally 13-14% (northeast, north China is low). Soybean in the press before the need for specifications 12 mesh / inch screen screening, clear, the process is as follows:
1, hot pressing: soy - clear - broken (or rough rolling) a softening of a rolling embryo. Stir fry a press
Instructions for operation: Soybean specifications with 12 mesh / inch screen screening to miscellaneous, so that the impurity content of less than 0.1%, and then into the broken, broken the degree of 2-4 petals, and then soften the soybean water content in the About 15%, softening time 40-50 minutes, and then rolling embryo, rolling embryo use of two points: First, damage the cell tissue so that oil easily flow out from the cell, the second is the granular oil seeds rolled into thin slices, surface area Increase, increase the oil area, and greatly shorten the oil leaving the embryo of the distance; into the steamed wok for steaming, steamed to soybean water in the range of 1.5-2.8%, the temperature to 100 A 110 degrees when you can start into the press for pressing. Cake thickness control in l-1.5 mm or so.
2, cold pressing: soybean cold pressing can be the whole seed pressing, so that the whole seed pressing to strictly control the water, the general control of 8 to 10% or so, and pay attention to the oil press heating, the body temperature rose to about 80 degrees Before being pressed.
Soybean cold pressing when the water content of the high and low manual test method: with the door teeth can be chopped, molars bite into a flat, and the surface cracks, and a slight sound is appropriate; if flat, not crack is too wet, If a bite broken a great sound, it is too dry, need to adjust the amount of water before pressing.
3, the screw press squeeze soybean often out of the question:
The use of a screw press machine squeeze soybean oil, regardless of cold pressing or hot pressing, due to improper operation or oil moisture adjustment is not appropriate, there will be different problems.
A, squeeze when the phenomenon of slag, screw press, in the press oil, if a small amount of slag phenomenon, also belong to the normal phenomenon (run up to allow 5%). If the amount of slag is large, you need to adjust. From the oil side, the oil containing water properly, too dry or too wet, there will be slag phenomenon, the oil is too wet, the row of running check for the flake, the cake is more soft hand into a lump, White foam. If the oil is too dry, the row of slag for the powder, the cake into white powder, oil flow is not smooth, press the oil gap should be less. That is, when the bar when the tape is more important, after a row of rows of hammer to hit people, on the 100-type oil press machine row tighten the mother should be tightened.
B, squeezed soybean oil when the phenomenon of oil: that there is oil in the hopper. For pressed soybeans, there is little oil return, because oil is pressed when the oil is high oil is easy to produce the phenomenon.
The gap is too small: (that is, on the row of tight), the application of the adjustment of the bar gap, if the 100 oil press, in addition to adjust the gap between the row, but also to relax the tightening of the mother, Oil gap.
C, the cake is not smooth, or not a cake, nor feed:
Oil press does not feed the phenomenon is not the cake, mainly when the initial use of the new machine, without running, due to improper use, (sometimes hopper caused by plugging the material to pull the leaves on the leaves so that no feed) Water should be adjusted when improper. If the problem does not belong to the water, the new machine should be used in strict accordance with the instructions, should be slow to control the feed, standby temperature rise of 80 degrees or more before entering the normal press.
Above we have introduced some of the processes and methods of manipulating the oil press to squeeze the soybean oil. By properly operating the press machine, the oil yield of the soybean oil can be increased. So as to achieve the purpose of not wasting raw materials and making full use of it.

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