where can buy small sunflower oil press refinery line?

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small sunflower oil press refinery line


Gongyi City Jintai oil press production cpmpany is the professional manufacturers of small sunflower oil press refinery line. Small sunflower oil press refinery line with high technological content, reasonable design, durable and energy efficient characteristics, widely applicable to all types of grain and oil production and processing of grain and oil processing oil mill. Selling products in Malaysia, Indonesia, Iran, Myanmar, Laos, Pakistan Costa, aother countries, and met with many foreign trade enterprises to establish a good business relationship.
The company also produces all kinds of oil filter and oil extraction equipment, including centrifugal oil filter, oil filter automatic slag off the scales, diesel oil separator, sesame oil machine, Broiling other products praised by users. And design and production of special hydraulic oil extraction equipment according to customer demand.
small sunflower oil press refinery line is the latest development of a new generation of energy-efficient oil extraction equipment, in line with the international press seeds technical conditions and standards, small sunflower oil press refinery line processing oil authentic, pure fidelity, it is to create a "modern oil mill" the best choice. small sunflower oil press refinery line mainly by electrical control, automatic heating, adjust the transmission and vacuum oil filter and other components. Pressing bolts alloy steel carburized enhance the surface hardness and wear resistance; row by pressing surface grinder grinding, oil lines to ensure accuracy, improve the oil yield; distribution, vacuum, automatic heating and other standard components, the choice of well-known brand, optimize the machine configuration; surface of the machine made of stainless steel and chrome plated.
small sunflower oil press refinery line energy efficient press comparative advantages:
     One advantage: the preparation of high, electrical appliances complete.
     Two advantages: vacuum filtration, pure oil.
     Three advantages: high oil yield.
     Four advantages: versatile, can be pressed peanut, sesame, rapeseed, sesame, sunflower and other oil crops two dozen.
small sunflower oil press refinery line main features are:
     Energy - the same electrical power output reduced by 40%.
     Labor - labor savings equivalent to 60% yield, 1-2 people can organize production.
     Versatile - machine, pressed peanut, sesame, rapeseed, soybean, sunflower, flax and other 20 kinds of oil crops. Three press, once squeezed the net.
     Pure oil - vacuum filtration residue to protect the oil clean.
     Small footprint - oil mill just 10-20 square meters will be able to meet production needs.
     Manufacturers can teach you to use and maintenance free.

Jintai company specializing in the production of seeds oil press press equipment, years of production experience to a more mature concept of scientific and technical personnel, the company oil extraction equipment can be customized according to user requirements, to achieve customer satisfaction. Quality first has been the driving force of our company development.

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