passed CE Certification Hydraulic sesame oil press machine

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Although "gutter oil" the time has been for a long time, but consumers talk about other, will also have a kind of "fearful" feeling.Does the cooking oil too much harm to our health, and some criminals are driven by interests, regardless of other people, earn this money unconscionable.As an edible oil processing equipment manufacturers, the production processing and inferior events must crack down on cooking oil, is going to eliminate from the root.So there is the all-new 230 Hydraulic sesame oil press machine, this kind of Hydraulic sesame oil press machine is to satisfy the needs of consumers "is pressing now sell", can be in front of consumers, the extract of cooking oil, they need not have mixed and the phenomenon of false, and do not add preservatives.This is also I in the fight against Mr Feng company "gutter oil" and some measures taken, the birth of the Hydraulic sesame oil press machine is completely from the source to eliminate the false and inferior production of edible oil, went up from root to crack down on the illegal business.New type 230 Hydraulic sesame oil press machine this squeeze mode, the hope can get the user and the related parts of the heavily promoted, because you are "fresh troops" to crack down on fake fake edible oil, through the way of you blossom everywhere, make more and more consumers can realize the benefits of the Hydraulic sesame oil press machine, also let consumers to know more about learning how to identify fake fake edible oil.I want to at this scale, the squeeze mode will soon be widely used, by the time the estimate is also there will be no "gutter oil", so we also reached the purpose of making this Hydraulic sesame oil press machine.

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