Automatic frying seed machine features the effect of oil extraction

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Automatic frying seed machine

Automatic frying seed machine is made of steel plate, can use a variety of heating fuel for heating, energy efficient and no noise. Automatic frying seed machine heating area, heating evenly, fried fast. It is composed of rack, hopper, cylinder, firearm and so on. The motor drives the gear shaft through the belt. The gear on the gear shaft drives the large gear on the cylinder. The cylinder rotates continuously and continuously. Feed the cylinder for steaming. The ignition temperature should start the motor, so that the cylinder rotation, to avoid the local heating of the cylinder; cylinder preheat to 50 ℃ or so to feed fried seeds, until the material frying appropriate (speculation time depending on the fire size, 20 minutes, the temperature rose to about 130 ℃) immediately determine whether the material, (from the feed port to determine the sampling) if the material can be opened to open the material baffle, the material that is to go out; pot can put fried material 130 Jin around, fried 20-100 pounds or so is appropriate; get off work off the fire will be extinguished.
Automatic frying seed machine Instructions for use:
Power supply must be based on power plus leakage safety device, first with heat transfer oil.
Rigorous in the pot did not install the case of hot oil boot.
It is recommended to use 350 # heat transfer oil, it is recommended to change the heat oil around 1 year, such as working hours is not long, then you can extend the replacement time as appropriate.
After the end of the work will be closed valve, and then pour the pot body, pour out the material, be careful not to dump.
It is recommended to use standard power lines above 6mm2.
To keep it clean, the pot should be cleaned once every time it is used.
Regular inspection of the worm gear, worm gear and the degree, such as excessive clearance, can be adjusted by the worm on the bearing.
Automatic temperature control electric cooker machine can not work properly, you can check whether the fuse fuse, or AC contactor is damaged, it is recommended to replace.
Oil hole, oil hole, temperature display probe jack.


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