what new small cottonseed oil pressing line features?

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small cottonseed oil pressing line



advantage 1: production capacity, efficient operation
small cottonseed oil pressing line adjust the feeding system, made to create technical innovations especially in the screw feed significantly faster production volume increased significantly.
advantages 2: the multi-stage press
small cottonseed oil pressing line multi-stage press, increasing the pressure point, multi-stage propulsion, capable of a pressing net.
advantages 3: automatic heating, power to extract oil
small cottonseed oil pressing line configuration heating system, programmable electronic, infrared heating synchronization of different oils for automatic temperature control, to meet the higher rate on the oil temperature needs.
advantages 4: fine filtration system, oil purification
Three fine filter system according to different oil crops, different press equipment, different marketing targeted selection, crushing oil filter to achieve a real sense of synchronization, continuous operation, to clear the oil without impurities , oil purification purposes. Completely changed the oil filter system because a single, oil filter press system and does not match the oil filter oil filter system capacity and performance discrepancies oil crop press can not lead to efficient oil filter, oil purification technical problems.
advantages 5: oil is high
small cottonseed oil pressing line transform virgin bore structure, thereby increasing the pressure within the chamber pressed to improve the oil yield compared with the conventional device, can increase 2-5 percentage points.
Advantage 6: mechanical and electrical integration, ease of use is also nice
small cottonseed oil pressing line appearance, simple operation, safe and convenient, simply press the corresponding button.
Advantage 7: high quality steel
High quality steel castings and matched to meet the long-term continuous production of mechanical quality requirements, stable performance, long service life.
Advantage 8: press multifunction
small cottonseed oil pressing line can be pressed peanut, rapeseed, sesame, soybean, cottonseed, sunflower, flax, seed, tung nuts, seeds and chili pepper seeds, corn germ and other oil seeds.

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