Hydraulic olive oil press machine made olive oil

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Hydraulic olive oil press machine

Hydraulic olive oil press machine squeeze the process of making olive oil is also the traditional method of olive oil. The principle is to squeeze out the olive oil, with Hydraulic olive oil press machine on the olive pulp material volume compression, material mechanical morphology deformation. The liquid is squeezed out through the resistance of the solid part of the slurry. When the liquid oil of Hydraulic olive oil press machine  enters the cylinder 2 through the piston cylinder bore, the oil is continuously pushed into the cylinder to push the piston 1 to drive the extruded olive pulp on the tray 5 to move upward, and the olive pulp is compressed and squeezed with olive oil , Olive pulp volume shrinks until the remaining olive pomace cake, complete a press process. Hydraulic press oil box and cage type two, pulp temperature is 20 ~ 22 ° C, pressing time is 50 ~ 70min. This kind of pressing method is intermittent olive pulp pressing process. In contrast to the intermittent press process, there are mechanical screw instead of hydraulic piston up and down movement, to achieve the purpose of extracting olive pulp extract olive oil.
Hydraulic olive oil press machine also known as "water press". Is the use of hydraulic transmission principle made of a batch of oil extraction equipment. Each of the oil extraction cycle includes: (material) to do the cake, the cake on the squeeze, pressing (fast pressing, slow pressing, drain oil three stages) and unloading cake and so on. Its characteristics are: 1. Press the pressure of a wide range of the size of a good, adjustable; 2. Can adapt to a variety of oil and a variety of oil production processes, including cold pressing, hot pressing, high water slurry residue oil; (35 ° C), poor working conditions (35 ° C), poor working conditions, and low working conditions. The It can be seen that such oil press equipment can only be applied to certain sporadic dispersible oil (such as rice bran, wild oil) and the need to maintain a special flavor or nutrient oil (such as cocoa beans, olives, sesame) Pressed oil. In addition, it can be used for the separation of solid fatty acids or bran wax.
Pressing French oil is the most widely used in a wide variety of olive oil production. About 80 to 90 percent of the world's olive oil is squeezed out of this Hydraulic olive oil press machine .

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