Why does sesame oil press machine want to fry when pressed oil?

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sesame oil press machine

The use of sesame oil press machine and stir-frying machine is the accepted hot pressing technology in the oil mill. Is there a sentence in the oil industry? Three minutes of press, seven minutes, the importance of stir-fry. So, we suggest that customers in the choice to fry feeding machine should be consistent with supporting the production of oil equipment, we have to say today the Fried material in sesame oil press machine  oil:
Destroy the oil cells, make the protein absorb water and expand, make the original dispersible oil droplets in a certain temperature.
The heat causes the protein to solidify and become "hard" to squeeze out the oil droplets in the cell.
The wet heat reduces the phospholipid and protein content in the fat, and the passivation enzyme prevents acid prices from returning.
The plasticity of the material is adjusted to ensure that there is greater pressure to squeeze out the oil.
Oil is steaming and frying, the side effects of the oxidation at high temperature, pigment and lipid soluble in oil and make the oil color darker, impurities, protein denaturation, gaa combination not conducive to the comprehensive utilization, etc.
Roaster is sesame oil press machine  essential equipment, mainly for those with shell oil such as: cottonseed, peanuts and other shelling, can improve the sesame oil press machine  on the oil treatment and oil rate. Automatic frying machine according to the characteristics of each kind of oil crops in the operation method is also different, it is a certain skill, if the master is not good, it is easy to fry paste, affecting oil quality.
Is the mainstream in the market at present hot pressing, so oil raw material must be making, absolutely can not be taken lightly, warn broad user sesame oil press machine  sesame oil press machine  manufacturer, best buy a professional fire seed pot, and then squeeze oil by sesame oil press machine .

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