Investment Hydraulic sesame oil press machine healthy money, happy life

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hydraulic oil press machine

Press oil is the use of physical compression process refined from the "green healthy edible oil." My company's Hydraulic sesame oil press machine , long life, the squeeze oil flavor thicker than the general press, and in the consumption of no foam, widely welcomed by consumers. The pressing process retains the nutrient in the oil, does not add the chemical solvent, guarantees the oil product safety, the pure, the nutrition, the taste, meets the human body demand, is suitable for the long term edible.
Investment Hydraulic sesame oil press machine is your first choice for business, now invest in the four benefits of Hydraulic sesame oil press machine to the majority of users once again explain:
Processing, services to the public
Buy Hydraulic sesame oil press machine , as long as there is a venue, you can open, in the vast rural areas, you can for the Shili rural villagers for processing, for the public oil, rich head. For each press an oil, you can press the weight or the amount of oil, charge a certain processing fee, or free oil, the cake as a processing fee, and then sell the cake, the same is a good way to get rich, both folks can eat Good oil, also earned their own processing fees.
Is now squeezed to sell, worry-free business
Hydraulic sesame oil press machine for oil, you can also buy their own raw materials, deep processing, and then sell oil. You can put the equipment car market in the farmers market, non-staple food market or residential area, with small ads, shelves can be eye-catching signs, in the crowd, the scene down the oil field, all the operation process is fully transparent The oil is soaked in oil, the aroma overflowing, the scene press, the scene of the sale, this oil must be greatly welcomed by housewives. And consumers are easy to establish word of mouth effect, keep returning very high.
Farmers do not fall, both take into account
If you want to start your own business, you can set up a special store, set up a special oil mill, equipped with 1 to 2 Hydraulic sesame oil press machine , a frying machine, run the oil mill production, store sales. Can not be afraid of wind and rain, according to local conditions, the main labor force in rural areas do not have to leave their homes to go out to work, buy a press at home, busy farming, slack when oil to make money, both balance, and family members can enjoy the grandchildren Not for.
Service thoughtful, worry-free
Companies can provide each user with detailed product information, carefully introduce the product and quality, so that customers before ordering a full understanding of product performance and requirements, according to user needs to do a good job and guide the work. In time for users to answer a variety of product questions and problems. Send professional technical service personnel to participate in the opening of the box acceptance and guidance of the installation, commissioning work until the normal operation of equipment, and provide the appropriate technical training services. All products are implemented Three Guarantees, quality problems during the warranty period by the Company is responsible for and strictly fulfill the contract.

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