Peanut Soybean Sunflower oil expeller machine

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Advantage of Oil Press Machine
*Energy saving: same output will reduce electric power 40%.
*Labor saving: same output will save labor 60%, 1~2 person can organize production.
*Wide application: This machine is suitable for pressing peanut, sesame, rapeseeds, beans, sunflower seeds, oil seeds, etc. Multistage extracting, extracting well at one time.
*Pure oil quality: vacuum to filter residue, so as to ensure the pure oil quality, and reach health standard.
*Small occupy: the oil mill house only need about 10~20m² ground can satisfy the production need.

Brief description of Oil Press Machine
*Oil press machine is used to press peanut, beans, rapeseed, sunflower seed, sesame, nuts, Camellia seed, and other oil seeds into cooking oil or edible oil.
*Oil press machine is an advanced oil press with advanced technology and reasonable structure, wide application and capability of continuous operation, high oil output rate, low noise, energy saving, simple operation.
*The oil seeds will come from hopper into extracting barrel and will be pushed into squeezing oil continuously through rotation of extracting spiral .
*The quantity of heat produced by friction can satisfy the necessary quantity of heat in extracting oil technique, so as to reduce oil viscosity and easy to extract oil, so it improve the oil extraction rate.

Widely use: it can press many kinds of oil seeds, such as Rape seed, tea seed, soybean, peanut, Chinese prickly ash seed, sunflower seed, cottonseed, Chinese tallow tree seed, tung oil tree seed and corn, sesame etc.
Screw oil press is a popular type of oil press machine, mainly composed of feeder, gearbox, pressing chamber and oil receiver. Some screw oil press machines are equipped with electric motors as required. Pressing chamber is the key part which contains a pressing cage and a screw shaft rotating in the cage. An electric cabinet is also necessary to control the whole working procedure.
Different from the automatic screw oil press, this screw oil press has its own features and markets.
1.Made of high quality steel, wear-resistant and easy to clean.
2.With the properly designed pressing chamber, the increased pressure in the chamber highly improves working efficiency.

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