Each kinds of oil pressing machine's functionality and efficiency are not same

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In actual operation, if the oil pressing machine parts wear serious, then, it will also attend such a situation. But this kind of situation, we basically to carry out renewal work. Should Otherwise, do not say a waste of raw materials, in the actual operation, there will be a lot of unnecessary trouble in general below, in the actual use of the process, if it is because the original by drying, moisture content or relatively high, or also in the actual operation, the use of those raw materials during the grain is not full, then the appropriate action, such a sleep situation. In this regard, we need to do is to control the quality of good raw materials. Oil appears to reduce the main reason is because of the oil squeezed by those diesel, or those Unqualified blockage occurs, and because cage bars installed too tight caused. We check process, if there really is such a situation, we in the actual operation, which only need to clean up diesel or very fine, as well as to re-adjust the tightness of the cage bars can be a good solution to this problem.

Oil pressing machine machine excellent material and sophisticated technology: the use of high-carbon steel, the high-frequency hardening, heat disposal into the surface, high hardness, strength, wear resistance, high temperature and pressure comply with the continuation of homework, progress service life of press , the use of time up to several decades. oil pressing machine pressing bore reasonably high rate of oil: promote multi-level progressive pressing reason to make quick squeeze bore pressure increases, the disposable fuel fission leave, then using infrared temperature control system, automatic control of temperature and moisture press so that direct oil to soften the grease molecules activate, press the same, once pressing to do, greatly improving the oil yield.

Former oil pressing machine pressed into the parison must undergo pretreatment process, the pre-press quality will directly affect the normal work and oil yield. Different oils have different pretreatment process requirements, but mainly include the following items: small oil cleanup. Into the processing plant oils contain certain impurities (sand, gravel, iron, etc.), if not carefully cleaning, internal parts of the press will accelerate wear and reduce oil yield, even causing malfunctions and accidents. Its supporting equipment: cleaning sieve, stone machine, magnetic separator and so on. Small oil press broken. Some oils can be pressed into the monolith, but after the break, and then press flaking, can significantly improve the oil yield. Its supporting equipment: Crushing, flaking machines. oil pressing machine thermostat fried material poured initiative: fried black and white material, direct impact on the quality of the oil and oil yield, the "squeeze-third, seven fried material," saying that the visible material in the fried oil extraction process the main character, and the key material in fried fried feeder and quality installation. I fried feeder gear transmission, the models are vibration noise reduction means mounted installation, the thick steel plate and fried bore volume, fast heating fuel available in a variety of heating (coal, electricity, gas, firewood, etc.), general heating, fry feed design concepts.

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