small oil pressing line suitable for small business

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small oil pressing line


Small oil pressing line is a complete oil production line, this production line is mainly used edible oil hot pressing technique, so small oil pressing line is the most important constituent seed roaster, automatic feeder,and oil press.The small oil pressing line have many auxiliary equipment, such as, when pressed peanut oil, peanuts are shelled Ruoguo need a peanut sheller or, pressed tea seed oil, tea seed Ruoguo was shelled, it is necessary a seed sheller or, virgin walnut oil, if you are shelled walnuts, you need a walnut sheller; when these crushing oilseeds peeling, peeled after the oil crops will take debris, this time you need a machine or purify selection of machine to ensure that oil extraction of raw materials will not have too many impurities. Now press are basically semi-automatic or fully automatic, so the automatic feeder as a machine to help workers save energy very harmonious added to small oil pressing line, automatic feeder appears on one or two such small oil pressing line workers will be able to operate, is very labor-saving, and high efficiency,automatic feeding opportunity to press the processed oil crops feed inlet, when the press began to work, squeeze the oil will flow directly into the vacuum filter drums, after oil extraction from the oil cake will slag discharge port, does not prevent the press work, and when oil extraction workers simply press the button on the control operation requires little effort to work with the oil extraction workers. Use small oil pressing line, workers only need to feed into the wok, directly after pressing the control button to control small oil pressing line production is very convenient. There should be noted, I produced the oil filtering equipment is mainly divided into two types, one is the vacuum oil, the other is centrifugal oil filter. Both oil filter oil extraction are commonly used in the production process, customers can choose which one to use oil filter according to the actual situation of production.
Since this one is small oil pressing line, we will produce a large and other types of oil pressing line, doing press produced by our company in order to meet market demand, in order to serve more customers. Now press on the market every day, customers want to purchase a large number of press, but they can not easily identify which one is the real press manufacturers, here, I guarantee to all press users our company is a professional manufacturer of press equipment, we are ready to welcome customers need to buy oil press visit to our factory.

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