How to choose a suitable palm kernel oil press machine?

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Today, let's talk about those things of palm kernel oil press machine. In the oil press industry, the market outlook is quite good, then how can we stand out in these mortal beings as manufacturers do?  Today, let’s talk about those things of palm kernel oil press machine.

First of all, let’s have a view about the technical parameter of palm kernel oil press machine:


Type Pressure(Mpa) Press oil capicity Dadly output(kg) Cake output/time Cake output way Power(KW) Remarks
JTZJ-300 Ordinary-type <=30 <=200 <=4000 10-20 manual 3 According to customer need choose auto NC equipments
Poppet-type <=30 <=200 <=4000 10-20 Hook lift 3
Push-type <=30 <=200 <=4000 10-20 Pushed by oil 3

Speaking of the model of palm kernel oil press machine, which model you want to have,how do you say? As long as you want, Jintai machinery factory can give you tailored. Palm kernel il press models can be divided into many types. These types of customers need more and 80 type 100 point, the other is based on customer needs for the user to tailor the palm kernel oil press.

In fact, these types of models of palm kernel oil press machine is fully automated, very convenient, or versatile, you can press different materials, such as sesame, peanut, sunflower, soybean, sesame and other 20 kinds of oil crop. And the press area of small, widely used, the most important is the oil is high, deep customer's trust. Its production process is quite simple and requires only one person to complete, and to ensure high-quality pure.

With the development of palm kernel oil press machine in recent years hot market, competition between oil press manufacturers, resulting in poor circulation industry, the last victim of the customer. In fact, you want to buy a good rapeseed oil press equipment, it should go to a regular press manufacturers to buy, good equipment you want to buy a bed of roses is not easy.

Press unhealthy competition between manufacturers, leading to a vicious cycle of the industry. Today we have from the customer's point of view, put ourselves for the sake of customers, how to buy a good rapeseed oil press equipment?

Buying palm kernel oil press machine, preferred to choose the strength of manufacturers, strong scale, professional and technical personnel and research and development team, service personnel more carefully. Such press manufacturers easy to find, but I want to give you a recommendation, it is Jintai machinery plant, specializing in the production of various press equipment have decades of history, skilled, courteous service, as long as to purchase equipment Jintai clients say good quality Jintai equipment and advanced technology.

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