How to get a reliable soybean cold press oil extractor price form a factory?

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cold press oil extractor price

The development of cold press oil extractor price in China has been many years, but many people do not know that the cold press oil extractor can not only get oil, there are some larger value in use incidental. Take for instance such as soybean: soybean oil extraction can first do tofu. Usually soybean oil content of about 25%, the decay rate of 300% or more, and proved as the first soybean crushing soybean oil press, and then squeezed through the soybean oil to make tofu, tofu and then finally to feed livestock, can improve the value and benefits of soybean 2-3 times the original basis. Soybean curd to do the method of operation is as follows soybean cold press oil extractor price  equipment.
There is the technical parameter of soybean cold press oil extractor machine:

Type 6YL-60 6YL-70 6YL-80 6YL-100 6YL-120 6YL-150
Screw diameter (mm)  55 65 80 100 120 150
Screw speed (r/min)  52 48 63 43 36 33-42
Power (main frame)(KW)  2.2 3 5.5 7.5 11 15
Vacuum power (KW)  0.55 0.75 0.55 0.75 0.75 4
Heater (KW)  0.9  1.8  3 3.5 4 4.5
Handling capacity (kg/h)  30-60  50-80 80-150 150-250 250-350 300-450
Weight (kg)  220 280 500 850 1300 1950
Size (mm)  1200x780x1100 1400x860x1260 1650x1500x1700 1700x1600x1750 1800x1700x1750 2380x1850x2000

First, soybean oil cold press oil extractor price. First sieve, sorting and other impurities removed soybeans, then washed with water and dried for use. If it is black soybean, first peeled and crushed, then placed in cold-pressed soybean oil press. After cold-pressed twice, separating oil and soybean meal. Per 100 kg of soybean cold pressed twice to 10-12 kg of oil, soybean extract 80 kg per kg of cake can still make tofu 3 kg.
Then, using soybean tofu. Ends virgin soybean cold press oil extractor price after the tofu does not need refining, directly boiled milk. Per 10 kg cake warm water about 70 kg, loaded cask soaked 7-8 hours, use a spoon to stir the pot, side heating, stirring and cook coke to prevent, 2-3 minutes after the boil, pour filter, filter out the milk, and then point pulp. Point slurry method is: 1: 7 gypsum water (ie: Plaster 1, 7 parts water), the pulp around the cylinder slowly enter until the curd block so far. Other production program, do the same with tofu traditional methods.
So we can get to know about cold press oil extractor price that:
1. Soybean oil press almighty press, a machine. Can be squeezed soybean, peanut, rapeseed, cottonseed, sunflower, sesame, tea seed, tung seed, castor, almond, linseed, safflower oilseeds and other oil crops.
2. Soybean oil press brings together the most advanced oil extraction machinery manufacturing process, all the national standard steel and spare parts, the design of compact, heavy and stable, easy to install, durable, nice features. Its service life is three times more than other common oil press.

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