sunflower seeds cold press oil extractor easy to use

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sunflower seeds cold press oil extractor

Press sunflower oil on the market there are several machines, and sunflower seeds cold press oil extractor is the most common and also the most widely used. Sunflower seeds cold press oil extractor is suitable for individual families press, simple operation, high oil characteristics, suitable for families and small edible oil processing plant, an automatic screw oil press.
When sunflower seeds cold press oil extractor work will be prepared ahead of sunflower oil press ingredients into the feed inlet, sunflower seeds cold press oil extractor pressing feed into the bore in constantly rotating pressing screw, the material is pushed on, and be pressed. Under constant friction virgin bore and raw materials, will produce a lot of heat, the heat is required to provide a heat press oil feedstock colloid have been destroyed, plastic oil is improved, making it easier for sunflower oil squeeze is to improve the oil yield.
sunflower seeds cold press oil extractor is different from ordinary press equipment, automatic oil either from the methods of operation and the effects of oil, have some of the better. sunflower seeds cold press oil extractor has gradually replaced the ordinary daily use of oil extraction equipment, oil extraction industry to become the main force. Since the automatic oil so popular, exactly what advantage?
(1) all-around press, a machine: can be pressed peanut, soybean, rapeseed, cottonseed, sunflower, sesame, tea seed, tung seed, castor, almond, linseed, safflower oil seeds, evening primrose seeds, etc.
(2) fine materials: the use of high-carbon steel heat treatment from high temperature quenching, high hardness, strength, wear resistance, stable performance, automatic oil life up to 30 years.
(3) reasonable virgin bore, the oil rate: using the principle of multi-stage pressurized advance, increasing the pressure on virgin bore, can once pressing to do, greatly improve the oil yield. And traditional equipment can increase 2-5 percentage points compared.
(4) efficient fine filtration, filter pressing one: fine filtration system using a variety of means to achieve a true sense of the virgin filter integration, improve the automation of automatic oil, completely solve the problem of oil purification.
Continue to lead the development and reform of the screw press to the direction of environmentally friendly energy innovation. sunflower seeds cold press oil extractor is the new products and technology requirements under the advanced products, energy-saving oil press.
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