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cold press oil extractor factory

A good press enables users to remove a lot of trouble in the oil processing. So does a good cold press oil extractor factory. New rapeseed oil press Jintai machinery production can be processed rapeseed, soybean, peanut, cotton seed, seed and other granular oil. New rapeseed oil press use four/five press, the first to increase the oil yield. As a good cold press oil extractor factory, our cold press oil extractor machine has four or five set points in the high-pressure bore virgin, virgin bore further increases the pressure on the oil through a bore can be completely drained juice to improve the oil yield; at the same time, based on the original model by pressing the appropriate expanding circle diameter , increasing the pressing bore space, increase fuel capacity to further improve press efficiency, increase production purposes; the new cold press oil extractor factory equipment rapeseed simplify running-in process, the user simply boot again pressed to normal production; new virgin rapeseed oil machine updated heat treatment equipment, increasing press surface carburizing depth or increase the hardness of the press side, thus greatly improving the life of the press element, reducing user costs.
New cold press oil extractor machine from our factory can not directly buy a new car began to extract oil, the new novel rapeseed oil extraction is needed like a car need to run, so that after a run-in rapeseed oil press is not only much longer lifetime, and press the oil more delicious, let's look at the things needed in rapeseed oil press during the run.
How to know our factory cold press oil extractor works normally? Let each new rapeseed oil press and motor bearing parts work properly. Hydraulic idle, the motor current should be controlled. If the current is too high, it should immediately stop inspection, the first ready assistive devices to boot after adjustment. Then this period can squeeze rapeseed trial, to see clarity of oil. Before using rapeseed oil press, containers should check and adjust the belt tightness. Then start the motor, the machine idle 15min, check the pressing screw shaft speed. Usually the speed should be around 33dmin. CAUTION idle gear meshing gears and the sound is normal.
As a formal cold press oil extractor factory, we are specialized in the production of screw press, automatic oil press, professional development, manufacture various kinds of excellent quality oil extraction equipment, it is a leading supplier of oil extraction equipment. Products are mainly used in various processing and other oil products, ranking first in the province's industry credibility. Since its inception has always been the forefront of development of the industry shoulder the mission, rapeseed oil press industry sales in the province in the forefront, providing a variety of oil juice of the province of the relatedcold press oil extractor industries, manufacturing of machinery and equipment to provide advanced high-quality virgin oil machine.

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