Maintenance of small mobile oil press machine

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small mobile oil press machine

Maintenance of small mobile oil press machine:
(A) should be checked after every 50 hours of lubrication, the gear box above the oil cup shall not be short of oil, squeeze the screw adjustment screw bearing should be adjusted from the screw hole in each class filling butter once, is strictly prohibited dry grinding.
(B) of the lubricating oil parts should prevent the intrusion of dust and other impurities, the annual need to check the gear box oil quality once, found that deterioration, should replace all the oil.
(C) When the crushing volume is reduced, the cake or the oil is not normal, should squeeze the screw out, check the screw, press, a cake circle wear, wear parts to be replaced.
(D) after the end of each class, should be removed within the machine residual cake, clean the surface of the machine dust, grease.
(E) the end of the production season after the long-term storage, should be a maintenance, and squeeze the snail, press the strip, the cake circle washable oil again, on the dry place.
150 type of raw and cooked dual-use oil press safety valve failure reasons:
① the oil is not clean, dirt contact surface contact; ② spring loses its elasticity; ③ adjustment screw back to the loose did not reach the required pressure; ④ regular overpressure operation, the ball will bruise the valve. ③ the replacement of the spring; ③ re-adjust the screw, so that the pressure reaches 40MPa; ④ re-grinding the valve, replace the new ball and pay attention to the operation according to the rules of operation .
 Small mobile oil press machine is a hot and press can also be cold pressed a large oil press equipment, the use of automatic feeding on the way, to continue mass production, many large oil companies preferred equipment . Its pressure screw diameter of 128 mm, 45 rpm per minute, press bore bore diameter of 134 mm. As the processing capacity, so the use of 22 kilowatts of the host, adequate power, the processing capacity of up to 500 kg per hour. Throughout the oil press industry, the 150-type double-purpose oil press oil and oil press in the design concept of oil extraction are ahead of ordinary equipment, raw and cooked dual-use machine with a wide range of functions to enable users to have more choices, Compression of edible oil is more flexible. Press the price and processing volume and the body is proportional to the size, the larger the body, the higher the price.

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