Dried Palm Fruit Should Processed After Using Automatic Frying Seed Machine

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automatic frying seed machine

Automatic frying seed machine is different from the other two kinds of frying machines.Steam wok is a closed fried seed machine is a new type of food, oil fried seed machinery. Zhengzhou Hengtong mechanical absorption of advanced technology at home and abroad on the basis of the plot I plant for many years Zhayou machinery manufacturing experience from the development. Change the previous single discharge port for the double discharge port, increasing the inlet diameter, to achieve the purpose of Kuaijinkuaichu. The machine features: reasonable structure, a thermometer, easy operation, high efficiency. As this type of wok is closed, the control of hot air outside the bulk, play both steamed and fried role, thus speeding up the fried seed speed. Another advantage of the machine is a continuous flip-type work, stir-frying material constantly flip, so that the surface can evenly contact with the pot surface.
Closed wok mainly by the rack, hopper, cylinder, fire cover and other components, the motor drive through the V-belt gear shaft, gear shaft drive gear on the cylinder of the large rotation; so the cylinder continuous uniform rotation, Material from the hopper into the cylinder for steaming fried. Can fully destroy oilseed cells. Add water, steamed, so that protein swelling, can be completely from within the cell will not break the cell "break", so that the scattered fine oil droplets can be further agglomeration.
To peanuts, for example: the normal water of peanuts, fried material when the water about 2%, the temperature before the fire can be bigger at 100 ℃, 100 ℃ after the fire smaller. So that the oil fully absorb moisture, so that the oil can not be heated when squeezed out of the pot, so the number of fried in each pot 70-80 kg the highest efficiency. The pan conditions: 1. Temperature of 130 ℃ or so. 2. Moisture, hand clutching feel a little stiff, hand rub red skin can be down. 3. Degree of degeneration, with bite to feel hard, harder to prove the more thorough degree of denaturation, but must not be too strong or brittle, crisp hair that water is small, degree of degeneration is too large (that is, large fire, fried old) It is difficult to squeeze oil. So prompt new machine hand: fried rather fried rather old. The above results with dry fried (flat-bottomed wok, open-style cylindrical frying pan) method is impossible to achieve. Because the water vapor is easy to disperse, can not achieve the role of steam.

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