Affect the peanut oil press machine peanut oil flavor factors

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peanut oil press machine

Peanut oil is the most common kind of edible oil, the oil taste pure health, nutritional value is high. Today peanut oil press machine technical staff gave you explain the impact of peanut oil flavor of the four major factors:
The Effect of Peanut Raw Material on Oil. Good oil good material, which is no doubt, peanut oil requirements of the oil is full of grain, without aging, so that the use of peanut oil press machine  squeeze in order to achieve the best results.
The treatment of oil is also a top priority. Treatment of peanuts is a technical live in the peanut into the peanut oil press machine  squeeze before the proportion of peanut moisture and temperature control is a direct impact on peanut oil yield and oil reasons. Raw material and hot air baking speculation generally by 3: 1 master. The proportion of baking is too small, the proportion of oil is too large, oil cake is difficult to shape, the oil rate is reduced, the turbidity of the oil, to the process after the process to increase the difficulty.
Temperature is too low or too high oil. Hot air baking is the key process of production of peanut oil, peanut oil flavor and baking temperature is directly related to the production. peanut oil press machine  crushed peanuts, the temperature is too low, the smell is lighter; temperature is too high, easy to burn the oil paste. The general control baking temperature 180 ℃ ~ 200 ℃. In order to prevent oil gelatinization and spontaneous combustion, roasted fried immediately after cooling.
Customers buy the material may be stored for too long, the oil inside the large area of transpiration or even metamorphosis, followed by air dryness and time is too long to add a serious loss of oil. This situation is a way to deal with, for material, of course, this situation is the most simple and most difficult to encounter, because usually the oil storage will not exceed 5 years.
Because the pressure and torque are all in a cake effect, then the cake to build, but because there is no oil line, the oil flow from the local nuts, but also out of the oil, I.e., said oil is poured. If this situation will be pressing all the open after the collated assembled on it.
Steamed fried part of the impact. peanut oil press machine  squeeze peanut oil, must be peanut green biscuits steamed fried peanut oil production is another important link. Peanut oil oil level, flavor and color, the content of phospholipids and peptidic components are directly related to steaming fried

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