Sesame oil press machine Remind you to run safety precautions

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Sesame oil press machine

Note that with the improvement of people's living standards, consumption of edible oil to the refined oil, salad oil, cooking oil, cooking oil, cooking oil and nutrition and health direction of the development of oil. Currently adapted to the vast rural areas of oil processing machinery can be divided into power Sesame oil press machine and small Sesame oil press machine two categories, a total of more than 10 varieties of specifications, as well as cleaning, shelling, steaming fried, filter oil and other specifications of more than 20 varieties of equipment , The market is very large, our oil press equipment, advanced, reliable performance, simple operation, easy maintenance. It's efficient, energy saving, labor, is recognized by the majority of users.
When used in the field, Sesame oil press machine should be as close to the oil storage equipment, suction pipe line is moderate, as far as possible to reduce pipeline resistance.
The connection piping (including the fuel tank) must be thoroughly cleaned and well sealed before handling.
Sesame oil press machine in operation, in strict accordance with the norms of operating instructions.
In the course of operation, should be strictly monitored Sesame oil press machine work: such as vacuum, flow, temperature, etc., should also regularly check the quality of oil before and after treatment. To monitor the purification effect of Sesame oil press machine.
Our Sesame oil press machine production base for the current domestic scale, the highest production efficiency, high standards of modern production base, the export base of the oil press, the number of export oil presses more than three hundred units, the top ten oil press brand recommended enterprises, Henan Province well-known Sesame oil press machine manufacturing enterprises.
Sesame oil press machine factory comes with vacuum oil filter, Sesame oil press machine stand-alone with another oil filter, Sesame oil press machine comes with broken cake device, the cake is smoother, Sesame oil press machine bare metal factory without crusher, a cake without Sesame oil press machine smooth, Additional assembly is required.
Oil storage of oil for too long, the approach to deal with such a situation, for raw materials, of course, this situation is the most simple and most difficult to encounter, because the general oil storage will not exceed 5 years, Sesame oil press machine Spiral oil line serious blockage, treatment, if this situation will be all after the demolition of the assembly can be cleaned up after cleaning, Sesame oil press machine pressing the chamber temperature is too high, the approach, the situation appeared to prove that the temperature is too high, Very simple to reduce the temperature can be.


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