Small peanut cold oil extractor choose special oil filter

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Peanut small cold oil extractor using special filtering equipment, in the current market economy, in order to be more comprehensive in the face of every customer in the market, it should be more comprehensive in the classification of small oil cold extractor, equipment can be more widely used in every oil-bearing crops, it can be more to meet customer demand for products, if you select the correct oil extraction equipment can ensure a better quality of investment projects to bring more revenue.
Select small cold pressed oil extraction equipment is the first step to success, then that is something about the oil filter, which is related to the level of the oil rate up a considerable role in crushing a small workshop set up a small business, oil filtering equipment as the focus is also needed, however, depending on oil extraction equipment, oil filtering equipment is different, just say choose ancillary equipment can guarantee the smooth conduct of the entire oil filtering process, for example, oil extraction equipment from big ways can be simply divided into graphite oil extraction equipment, hydraulic and screw oil extraction equipment, these types of fundamentally different or because the production process, depending on the production process of oil filtering equipment required is not the same.
If the subdivision, then can be divided into manual and automatic distinction, despite speaking different oil extraction equipment, but still need to have appropriate filtering equipment makes oil extraction equipment can have a multiplier effect, if use of the oil filtering equipment inappropriate will lead to lower production efficiency, but also sometimes simply do not use, in principle, to follow the original equipment should precipitate manner, which does not require any oil filter can be used natural sedimentation way, this process is very simple, just need a stainless steel bucket on it, if hydraulic, preferably by vacuum filtering equipment, this method is more insurance, if the use of grease filter is more convenient manner, spiral style phone to consider the most appropriate centrifugal oil filter, this approach is most effective, more convenient, filtering will become more thorough.
To what kind of filtering equipment, the key depends on what kind of small oil cold pressed oil extractor intelligent production process uses, and this is the key, we must fully understand the equipment, the equipment will be well aware, the better using filtration device adaptation.

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