Cooking a meal with edible cold press oil extractor for your family!

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edible cold press oil extractor

Do you know how many kind of oil we can eat? In general, we have blend oil, salad oil and pressed oil. What is the difference between them? That is the making method. Pressed oil is pressed by our edible cold press oil extractor machine.
As we all know, the pressed technical we often talked about, is pressing the oil crops by the cold press oil extractor machine and it is a kind of physical technical. We know that the oil crops firstly are prepared with the roaster and then are pressed with a edible cold press oil extractor machine by the pressure of it. Then we refine the crude oil to get edible oil, or we called it final oil. So you can see clearly that this course is physical and safety. That is to say the oil we get is safety and with out any pollution or additive. And we can assure you the original tastes of the oil.
Compared with “pressed oil” technical, the other method is called “lixiviation process”. How to understand this method? I will explain it to you. When we make oil with lixiviation process, we firstly put the oil crops into the crusher machine to get the crushed oil crops then put them into lixiviation liquid for a long while to make sure the crushed oil crops can react with the liquid. After this course, the oil can be with the solvent and then we divided the final oil from the crude oil by distillation. So that we can get soybean “salad oil”. This course is by chemical way. The experts advice us eating press oil is more healthy and it is no pollution. So we know compared with the oil made by our edible cold press oil extractor, this kind of oil is not healthy.
Then we go on with blend oil. Blend oil is made by two or even more oil mixed up with a content percent. The color of blend oil is clear and pure. We generally use blend oil to cook a meal. And more often we use such as soybean oil, rapeseed oil, groundnut oil, sunflower seeds oil, cotton seed oil to mix up to be blend oil. The match oil can be corn germ oil, tea seed oi, wheat germ oil. And the main oil and the match oil mixed up and through deacidification, decoloration, deodorization, we then get blend oil.
So nowadays, if we want to cook a meal for our family, the first thing we need to do is to choose a healthy edible oil. How to get a healthy edible oil? Just choose Gongyi Jintai to offer you top quality edible cold press oil extractor.

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