Why Choose Jintai Palm Kernel Oil Extructor?

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palm kernel oil extructor

Don't need too much money to start the oil room, and easy to understand technology, equipment operation, Gongyi Jintai palm kernel oil extructor is intelligent, efficient, no-risk, coupled with the huge market prospects, help you get into the oil industry, Amoy to gold. Fengda machine is a new generation of intelligent machines, intelligent and efficient (Off, On) drum fryer patent products, both steamed and fried to fill the gaps, for supporting the use of all types of stamping machines, to solve the problem of oil refining, behalf of the domestic advanced screed water. Press roller fried dry machine What are the advantages?
Listen Jintai experts: First full fuel cell destruction, adding an appropriate amount of water to cook the protein of swelling, can not completely disrupt the cells from the inner cell "breakthrough", the dispersed oil droplets can be further concentrated in order to improve oil production. Next, the coagulation of protein denaturation and hardening, improve ability to withstand stress, but also beneficial hydrocarbon accumulation. Practice has proved that protein denaturation more thorough, high extraction rate. Again, the role of heat, phospholipids swelling, reduce oil denatured protein solubility, oil becomes clear (without wok); water retention, oil paste, oil processing out of the light color, rather than black. The three Roasted (automatic cooking machine) method is not possible, because water vapor is easily broken, not steam function.Advantages of Gongyi Jintai palm kernel oil extructor is unusual, it can be closed to open prominent, energy conservation, increase oil production, good quality oil, with high-quality gear, low resistance, small vibration, low noise, smoothly and without bias. User-friendly design, simple operation, made of thick steel plate, use a long time, it can be used 8--10 years, or even longer. It applies to all supporting the use of a large amount of oil, cooking, specially adapted to support the use of a screw press. Temperature display, as long as you keep in mind the different frying oil temperatures can actually see the fact that its own fireplace, frying, and no other kitchen activities, clean and sanitary.
Automatic palm kernel oil extructor, which greatly facilitates the user, we will continue to drive the market in the equipment, not only in the quality of products and services, research and development capabilities continue to improve, and do not stop to explore our ability to innovate, improve research and development capabilities , more quickly provide customers with high-quality and high-yield screw press. Replace the traditional press publishing drawbacks, new media, such as low oil production, power consumption and other shortcomings, and by location holes were reinvented in a unique groove design, more convenient oil outflow, from hardware to further enhance oil Yield. Through a combination of peak oil means oil filtering system, to achieve a true sense of the news filter press, improve the degree of automation, oil purification solve the problem. The device is simple to operate, the internal structure is novel and unique, wear resistance, but also to ensure the life of the equipment, provide the most practical and effective experience for customers of oil, customers receive the recognition and support. We solemnly promise Hengda machinery, production equipment for every customer, final customer recognition, access to Chinese market recognition, according to the development of our market will be more beautiful under continuous efforts. In the field of oil industry leaders, innovation has always been our Hengda machinery serious, we urge our affirmation of our future planning more confidence, our efforts have been in the machinery industry achieved good results, having strong momentum of development, production equipment, the majority of users. In the market alike.

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