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sesame cold press oil extractor

With the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for sesame oil is also growing, the conventional oil extraction method can not satisfy people on sesame oil quantity and quality requirements, so sesame cold press oil extractor comply with the requirements of the times, is now the most advanced oil extraction machine.
In the fierce competition in the market,Jintai oil press production company with good relations of cooperation and sincere spirit of service to win customers in the trust, sesame cold press oil extractor is fully automatic equipment, can a machine, the oil is high, now is the best edible oil processing plant Select, with the development of mechanical technology, sesame cold press oil extractor instead of the old-fashioned manual sesame oil to meet the requirements of the people of the world.
Sesame oil press machine known as sesame oil, sesame oil press oil 6 models suitable for different sizes of edible oil processing enterprises, my company produced the smallest sesame cold press oil extractor is particularly suitable for home use, their own press sesame oil at home, then do not be afraid to buy out bad cooking oil.
Hydraulic press is a kind of automatic hydraulic press, production was small, but simple and convenient. Sesame cold press oil extractor is the easiest to operate mechanical press, the highest rate of oil, replacement of wearing parts least a small oil press, sesame oil is the alternative to the manual operation of the most advanced equipment. Because each extract less (2 -8 kg / time), time is short (8-l2 minutes / time), particularly suitable for large and medium cities public, less money, buy real goods consumer psychology. This machine is processing oil crops: sesame, walnut, almond oil crops high.
Sesame cold press oil extractor press every season, without limitation, the present climate of press is not restricted, the four seasons can be used normally, because sesame cold press oil extractor uses heating oil disk device temperature control system, according to the ambient temperature and automatically adjust the crude oil temperature, fine filter in order to achieve rapid results, it is not affected by season, climate, year-round press. Efficient fine filter, quickly and easily, using a variety of fine filtration system means increased pressure on the oil filter, the temperature increase of crude oil, a new oil guide new technology, automatic filtering, pure oil, oil filter and press simultaneously, greatly improve the speed of oil filter, convenient and practical, it is the ideal choice for customers.

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