Use peanut cold press oil extractor need shell seeds and refining oil

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cold press oil extractor

As we all know, before we eat the cooking oil, the pressed oil need refining, so why press peanut oil need Refining? This passage will explain for you.
Because the presence of some mildew oil material, mildew toxins in the pressing oil of peanut cold press oil extractor will exceed greatly, such as peanut oil is easy be polluted by aflatoxin, and it contain the aflatoxin as high as 1000-10000 ug/kg sometimes, so after refining the pressed peanut oil can be to eat. Aflatoxins are highly toxic, its toxicity is higher than potassium cyanide, is currently the strongest chemical carcinogens have been found, carcinogenicity for cream yellow 900 times, and it is 75 times larger than dimethyl phosphite nitrate amine ability to induce liver cancer. Aflatoxin can reach accumulated very high levels in adipose tissue, and showed a strong toxicity. Human eat the food or products which be polluted by the aflatoxin will lead to liver cancer, and many aflatoxin can induce liver cancer and hepatitis b virus synergism.
Aflatoxin is heat-resistant, and is not easy to damage under general cooking processing temperature, only cracking occurs when more than 280℃. Therefore, oil after refining can remove the toxin, so when we press peanut oil need refining.
At present, the most popular way of making edible oil is cold pressed and our sunflower oil production line is from cold pressed mainly, the daily processing capacity 20-2000 tons every day.
Many customers in the inquiry of the cold press oil extractor, there is a problem, that is before pressing whether peanut seeds need to shell? For this problem is actually clear boundaries, but these bounds are to customer's requirements and needs of the premise. Normally, daily processing capacity of 20 tons of the following the use of small oil. This oil extraction machine is one-time press. The press is suitable for family workshops, the production process is very simple, peanut seeds do not need to shell before pressing; While, more than 20 tons of sunflower seed oil production line, the main technological process is: peanut pretreatment (to shell, crush)--pre-pressing--leaching--refining--filling, this peanut oil production line is needed in the oil before the shelling, also can according to customer requirements to redesign the different peanut shelling machinery, so customers can communicate with our engineers according to their actual needs.


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