What makes screw cold press oil extractor more and more popular?

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screw cold press oil extractor

As we all know, our daily life can not without edible oil. And we can divide edible oil into two kinds, they are vegetable oil and animal oil. How can we get edible oil? Generally, we use our screw cold press oil extractor machine to press oil crops. And during our life, we can see olive oil, peanut/groundnut oil, sunflower oil, flax oil, and the most common oil is soybean oil. They are just named of the vegetable pressed. Besides, we can clearly see that the edible oil is liquid when it is at room temperature. And the edible oil is used before or during the processing of cooking.
And how to judge the quality of edible pressed by screw cold press oil extractor machine? When we are going to press edible oil, we firstly prepare seeds or nuts of the oil crops, such as sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, groundnut, flax, palm, etc. We need to make sure the material is safety and clean. Then we put them into the feeder, and the feeder contacts with the screw cold press oil extractor, then is the refining system. After the press processing of the extractor machine, we can get a crude oil. And you may think that the color of the crude oil is not as good as the oil of supermarket, then just do not worry about it. We can then handle the crude oil with our refining system. Gongyi Jintai can offer you two kinds of refining process: vacuum type refining machine and centrifugal type refining machine. Then you may ask what is the difference of this two kinds of refining process? In sample items, the most different one, as well as people cares most, is the price part. Centrifugal type oil filter machine is a litter more expensive than the vacuum type oil filter machine. So you can choose one of them according to your conditions. Our screw cold press oil machine can just get a crude oil, and you can use oil filter to get pure clear oil.
There are many advantages of our screw cold pressed oil extractor machine. First of all, this machine is automatic operation and can save labor. Then, this small machine needs just a small room rather than the big oil making machine. It can not only bring you a futoue future, but also bring healthy to your family, your neighbor, and your village.
Maybe before you have no idea about how popular our screw cold press oil extractor machine is, but now, I think you have already understand the condition of oil making market.
So after reading this article, if you have a motion to purchase a screw cold press oil extractor machine, please just contact with us!

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