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flax cold press oil machine

Flaxseed, also known as linseed, is an annual or perennial herb flax seeds, it is one of the world's top ten oil crops. Flaxseed oil has a high nutritional value, high in linseed oil unsaturated fatty acid content, are very sensitive to temperature, the previous high-temperature heat-pressed linseed oil extraction technology will result in the loss of nutrients, Jintai flax cold press oil machine exclusive cold-pressed flax oil technology, can efficiently get grease under the premise of reducing the temperature of the press treatment, reducing the oil extraction process, to retain the natural nutrients of flax oil.
Flax oil is not as peanut oil, soybean oil loud, but definitely edible linseed oil in the top grade. In Taiwan, Flax oil respected, especially mothers after giving birth necessary food. Long-term consumption of anti-aging, beauty and fitness effect, and also swelling, pain.
Flaxseed oil extraction method is divided into hot oil pressed and flax cold press oil machine:
Hot-pressed flax oil extraction is carried out after removing impurities roasted, fried linseed will further physical squeezing, pressing method using hot flax oil obtained by pressing of linseed contain rich aroma and slightly bitter, brownish red;
Flax cold press oil machine cold-pressed oil extraction is to purify after linseed direct physical pressing, cold pressing method pressed linseed smell a hint of linseed flavor, slightly bitter taste, after heating with a rich fish flavor, golden color.
An advantage of cold-pressed oil extraction press is: flax seed nutrients maximum reserved.
Now, when people enjoy the food and gradually began to pursue a healthy lifestyle, are more willing to savor the authentic food, more directly receive gifts of nature, which reflects the people and the protection of nature and nature is willing com. Jintai oil press company produces flax cold press oil machine cold-pressed flax seed that best meet the requirements of people, so that people in the use of environmentally friendly oil press at the same time, consumption of nutritious edible oil. My company produced the flax cold press oil equipment in Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Thailand and other countries is very popular, so here we do a promotion, hope that more customers know that our flax cold press oil machine, if you need the oil press, we sincerely welcome you to my company, we hope to establish a long-term friendly cooperation between us.

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