How to quickly distinguish oil extraction techniques?

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Oil extraction techniques is one of the problems that customers concerned when they selection oil press machine, mentioning oil extraction techniques, people who ever engage oil press machine and oil extraction industry will knows that the production process of edible oil is divided into two types: cold and hot pressing techniques.
So first we have to simply look at what is hot rolling and cold pressing techniques. Very simple, hot-pressed edible oil production line is first heated food raw materials in a container which can heat the raw materials,that is what we usually called automatic frying seed machine in the oil press industry. The cold-pressed oil production is directly put the crop into the oil press machine to extraction edible oil.
Secondly, we analyze the cold pressed oil extraction techniques and hot-pressed oil extraction techniques advantages. We chose a different way of oil extraction, is generally based on eating habits of life in different countries and different regions .In China, we will according to the characteristics of oil crops to choose a different oil extraction technologies to better realize the value of crops. Hot-pressed oil extraction techniques is more commonly used edible oil production, oil extraction techniques that was the most obvious features are two: 1 at high temperatures grease of oil crops is easier to squeeze out; 2. after heating raw materials in the frying seed machine the oil more fragrant, more in line with Asian diet.Hot pressing techniques must mention the temperature, the temperature is a critical step in the production of hot-pressed vegetable oil, before automatic frying seed machine appeared the production of vegetable oil plant is difficult to accurately control the temperature, but now, oil press manufacturer develop and produce a fully automatic frying seed machine to heat the raw material this machine,and it can precisely control the heating temperature, solve the technical problems heat-pressed edible oil production.Cold pressed oil extraction techniques is become increasingly popular in recent years,because human want to live in a healthy living,and the coil oil extraction techniques is more healthier. Because the production of cold-pressed oil,the content of acid in edible oil is less, not damage trace elements of oil , and oil extraction techniques is simple.Whether hot or cold pressing techniques , we will think about a problem, it is to choose the number of the press, which is we often discussed in the press one, press two, press three.Brief introduction, one press is to separate squeeze space into a area, two press is to separate squeeze space into two regions, three press is to separate squeeze space into three regions.Now the oil press machine generally uses three crushing.
Finally, we all know, crop is a gift of nature to human , the human need to according to the characteristics of different crops to choose oil extraction solutions for them, for example, sesame, rapeseed, peanut, cottonseed and other needs by hot pressing technique .it really is a fun and enjoyable process.

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