Which factory product soybean seed oil extraction machine in China?

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soybean seed oil extraction machine

Pressing soybean oil production process is physical squeezing method, physical pressing the production technology requirements: first, clear impurities in the raw soybean, and then the crushing soybean, steaming and stir frying, extrusion let the oil separated from the soybean. After the oil pressing machine, the pressed oil using high technology and natural filtration purification technology, Keep the original taste and flavor of soybean, mellow flavor, rich in vitamin E, shelf life long, and no any additives, is a kind of modern technology and the traditional technology combined with production of pure natural green food. The soybean oil has the color, fragrance and taste of the soybean oil, which has the characteristics of various nutrients.Soya oil press production line

Henan Jintai machinery specializing in the production of soybean oil extraction machine, pressing soybean oil production line mainly by steam wok, automatic screw oil press machine, centrifugal oil filter machine.

Steam roaster machine:

Steam roaster machine is also called closed roaster machine, Jintai machinery on the basis of the drum frying roaster machine, increasing the steam generating device and a temperature control table. At the same time, the drum can be closed or open at any time.
The main characteristics of closed type seeds frying machine: reasonable structure, convenient operation, with a thermometer with high efficiency. The cooker is closed, control the heat dissipation and to both steam and speculation, thereby speeding up the cooking speed. The machine another advantage is continuous flip type, fired material changes unceasingly, makes the surface can evenly and the pan surface contact, thereby improving the oil yield and oil quality.

Automatic screw press:

Automatic screw press is with the help of the role of external mechanical forces, oilseeds by the spiral shaft forward extrusion pressure after heat more easily be squeezed out, this from the oil seed extruded edible oil process known as oil press line. Automatic oil press can automatically press automatic discharge.
Automatic screw press machine with automatic temperature control system, according to different raw materials suitable temperature, convenient operation. in addition to feed, basically do not need other operation, automatic temperature control, vacuum filter, simple operation, covers an area of small, high oil yield. According to through the temperature control, can improve the actual oil yield 10-30%. Automatic press machine with advanced design, reliable performance, simple operation, convenient maintenance, has the advantages of energy saving, high, labor saving, wide purpose, pure oily, cover an area of little oil rate. Source machinery research and development of new automatic press, can be used for mustard seed, cottonseed, soybean, peanut, Tung seed, sunflower seeds and other kinds of oil-bearing crops.

Centrifugal oil filter:

Centrifugal oil filter, using rotating speed make the expeller oil devide oil, water and impurities by the role of different centrifugal force and rapid separation. Centrifugal oil filter is the principle of using centrifugal principle to realize the different material layer in high speed rotation of motor. Centrifugal oil filter in filter, filter out of the oil residue will and attached to the inner cylinder wall, oil in the inner layer, when the motor to stop running, the oil will be the first out, then we get the perfect edible oil.

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