Peanut oil press for use in oilmills

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Peanut oil pressoil mills of use and installation. Before using peanut oil press, first of all should be ready to assistive devices and containers, check and adjust the belt tightness. Then start the motor, the machine idling about 15min, check the speed of pressing screw shaft. oil mills generally press speed should be around 33dmin. Does Peanut oil press at work, to pay attention to the idle gear box gear meshing and sound normal, each bearing location and whether the motor is normal. When oil mills press idle, the motor current should be around 3A. The current is too high, should be immediately stopped to check and adjust after boot.
After a normal load, ready 50kg about peanut, rapeseed or soybeans, ready to put into the hopper.
Note: at the beginning of the press can not feed too fast, otherwise press virgin oil mills within the chamber pressure is suddenly increased, not turn pressing screw shaft, causing blockage virgin bore, and even squeeze cage rupture, a major accident. So at the beginning of the compression, the feed should be evenly slowly put into the hopper, peanut oil press were running together. So repeatedly, continuing more than 3 ~ 4h, peanut oil press machine so JINTAI temperature gradually increased, and even risk of smoke (this is normal). When the press began to squeeze the chamber temperature is low, slowly twist the handle withered section studs, increasing the thickness of the cake, while increasing billet into juice moisture, temperature bore to be squeezed. Rose to about 90 ℃, peanut oil press after the normal operation, the cake thickness can be adjusted to 1.5 ~ 2.5mm, and tighten the nut tightened.
Oil mills peanut oil press, after used, is certainly to be regularly disassembled, cleaned, then we in daily life, after the demolition, how to install it correctly?
1.JINTAI mechanical peanut oil press oil mills to respond before installing the newly purchased peanut oil press thoroughly cleaned. Out of the spindle, lifted the squeeze cage, the outer surface with emery cloth pressing screw, an inner surface and screw feeder polished smooth.
2. respond to oil mills peanut oil press, all lubrication lubrication, gearbox oil added, the species and grades shall conform to the requirements of the instructions. After sanding smooth circular row, when installed must be arranged according to the original location, not misplaced, because the circular rows of arrangement positions and order of performance for oil extraction great relationship.
3. oil mills peanut oil press, installed after using circular row compression nut pressed, the degree of compaction to disk when oil extraction can squirm appropriate. JINTAI mechanical peanut oil press after the above process, can be fixed with anchor bolts on the foundation.
4. The best JINTAI mechanical peanut oil press oil mills during installation, the motor pulley should peanut oil press and the pulley alignment, the position of moderate, correct direction of rotation, the tightness of the belt should be adjusted appropriately.

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