Does 6YL-60 mini oil expeller is the smallest screw press?

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mini oil expeller

6YL-60 mini oil expeller is the smallest screw press, 6YL-60 per hour can processing 30-80 kg seeds oil, this oil press machine can meet cold pressed oil and hot pressed oil. Screw press can press most of oilseeds, for example, peanuts, soybeans, sunflower seeds, castor bean, sesame, walnuts, nuts, oil tea camellia seed. If accustomed to hot pressing oil, before press oil should put the oil seeds in seeds frying machine stir fry, my company produced the seeds frying machine: sunflower seeds frying machine, peanut seeds frying machine, sesame seeds frying machine, nuts seeds frying machine, full automatic seeds frying machine, steam seeds frying machine, heat conducting oil seeds frying machine, will stir to a certain degree of oilseeds and put in the oil press machine, you can get hot oil, then put the edible oil obtained from the oil press machine put in centrifugal oil filter is filtered again to get direct cooking edible oil. If the habit of cold pressed oil, directly to put oil seed in oil press machine, and put the oil squeezed from the press into the centrifugal oil filter, get the better of edible oil.
Actually oil press machine is a universal machine, because people cook delicious food need to use a variety of plant oils, westerners prefer to use olive oil, our company also specializing in the production of olive oil mill. People's requirements for food is a requirement of oil press machine, anything less edible oil ornament are not delicious, so a great press is the beginning of a delicious dishes. Here I recommend to all friends, my factory direct, high quality oil press machine line, welcome to visit my factory.


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