A significant advantage of soybean oil mill

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soybean oil mill

The market is now the most popular things is to be able to give customers high-margin, high efficiencysoybean oil mill equipment, we produce high-quality manufacturers of high quality soybean oil mill press is able to meet all the different needs, now the society is very difficult no matter what, so people will invest the time selected more carefully, more so when it is necessary to make up the investment in time to look at more carefully. There are large and small press points. Large soybean oil mill press; SMEs soybean oil mill press; there is a domestic soybean oil mill press, since only suitable for home use, press kilogram generally about ten kilograms, the output is relatively small, not suitable for oil pressing Square.
Today we JINTAI press for you on the next six advantages of small oil press:
1. Small footprint --soybean oil mill oil pressing Square just 10-20 square meters will be able to meet.
2. Energy - the same yield soybean oil mill to reduce power consumption by 40%, with an average savings of 6 kWh per hour, the production can save 36 yuan electricity.
3. wide use --soybean oil mill of a machine, can be pressed peanut, sesame, flax, seed, cotton seed, sunflower seed, soya beans, mountain tea seed, walnuts, corn germ and other oil crops, second pressing, once squeezed the net.
4. pure oil - vacuum filtration residue to ensure pure oil, soybean oil mill The oil extracted authentic, non-polluting, in line with health and quarantine requirements, meet the national standards of edible oil.
5. The oil rate - compared to the old press equipment, soybean oil mill can be higher than normal oil rate 3-6 percentage points, the economic benefits are substantial. It is a set of press and filter in one of the oil extraction.
We JINTAI machinery We are not afraid of challenges, welcome you come to visit, customers want to buy our plant soybean oil mill press equipment can be built in the oil extraction of raw materials to our factory to carry out on the spot when the soybean oil mill test machine press, the results can be arbitrary if it is not satisfied to leave, we can give customers a variety of manufacturers test machine oil, whether people come or not come, as long as you put each client intended as fuel or raw material to us mailed to our manufacturer, even if people did not come we will give the customer the test machine to the customer to watch the video shoot, soybean oil mill regardless of any fuel we will try to give the customer the test machine, as long as make customer satisfaction is our success, we the mission is dedicated to every customer service.

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