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groundnut oil mill

Groundnut oil mill press is developed by our company in the market so far the most advanced oil extraction equipment, groundnut oil mill press is developed by our company in the market so far the most advanced oil extraction equipment, with high technical level, the company is a representative masterpiece. The selection of world-class facilities which process the production of pressing screw, pressing bolts alloy steel carburized enhance the surface hardness and wear resistance; row by pressing surface grinder grinding, groundnut oil mill to ensure the accuracy of oil and oil lines rate.
Groundnut oil mill crushing, I believe the word for people who feel very strange. Now the market is full of various brands of refined oil, edible oil, mixed, oil extraction workshop old era had very few, almost to fade out of our sight, we are unfamiliar to him is not accidental.
Development of the society make people's lives more convenient, but also the breeding of some malignant development industry, which is mainly reflected in the groundnut oil mill the food industry, and the most representative is that we often see in the news on the "waste oil "the. What is waste oil? Waste oil refers to the presence in the life of all kinds of low-quality oil, such as recycled cooking oil, repeated use of frying oil and the like. One of the biggest sources for the city hotels sewer grease trap. If the people long-term consumption of such oil may lead to cancer, great harm to human health. As early as 2010 the State Council issued a document on the overall containment of waste oil. Two years later, the effect of how what? Cooking oil incident is still emerging.
How can I buy groundnut oil mill "rest assured oil" has become the urgent needs of the people. In this demand, it had disappeared from sight of groundnut oil mill crushing industry quietly rising. Different from the past is that these oil pressing Square often "transparent", a machine, a person can operate completely on your eyes oil, there is no transmission of the disease. At first everyone was curious, you have until the first customer. So you can not worry about the masses realize eat waste oil, you have to ask people to bring raw groundnut oil mill oil extraction from home. Today, the consumption level of the people improve, worry no longer "subsistence", but rather how to eat "good", oil is slowly known to everyone.
Our company is a research and development, production and sales of groundnut oil mill press professional manufacturers, I produced groundnut oil mill press apparatus comprising: a rapeseed oil press, sesame oil press, sesame oil extraction machine, tea seed oil press oil extraction equipment, etc., prices for consulting rapeseed oil press, sesame oil press prices, the price of flax oil press, tea seed oil press prices, please contact me.

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