How does the camellia seed screw press machine work to get high oil yield?

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Camellia seed screw press machine before using the press to do the inspection work, which is part of the lubricating oil to smear oil, so not only improve the efficiency and oil yield, better parts to reduce friction and reduce the juice oil wearing parts replacement frequency.
Former camellia seed screw press machine squeezing oil crops, the use of steaming wok steamed fried, can be greatly improved oil yield oil crops, such as sesame and castor beans, sunflower seeds, etc., which are some of the high oil content of oil-bearing crops, lower oil content of oil crops according to their benefit to tune than the operator, such as soybeans, domestic soybeans contain less than the general user will press to squeeze cold rolled.
camellia seed screw press machine before the oil crops for oil crops several times to thoroughly clean the residue, weed out sand, because in the process of squeezing oil crops sucking sediment will reduce the rate of camellia seed oil. In the screening process should be preceded to the sediment is necessary.
In our survey of camellia seed screw press machine when the press machine is always able depending on their own to use various methods to improve the oil yield, the use of our Gongyi Jintai camellia seed screw press machine, the following this method It can be resorted to the oil rate increased by 25%:
Usually fire control pan fried camellia seed, are all fried again when opening the camellia seed decanted each time 1.5-2 kg rapeseed sticky paste in the bottom of the pot burned. Therefore, when the camellia seed Scoop eight mature, it is necessary to open the upper part of the stove, and to seal the lower part of the outlet in order to control the fire. Specific methods of operation are: build a wall in the stove groove activity, an activity embedded in iron, when the fire needs to move up the iron to seal the mouth; when you need to slow fire, put down the iron to seal the outlet .
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