Do you know the specific process of using hydraulic press oil machine?

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hydraulic press oil machine

1.First clean the raw material when use of hydraulic press oil machine:
Oil seeds often with some impurities.
A lot of ways to clean up impurities,
concrete can be used in different ways according to the situation of impurities.
If it is an iron impurity,can be separated by an electromagnet or a permanent magnet.
If the impurities of grass, leaves and stalks, can be used for winnowing method, air blow off impurities.
If the impurity particles are small,
you can remove impurities by filtering.
If you do not clear the soil, stems, leaves and other debris that are entrained in the oil seeds before you put them into the hydraulic press oil machine,
They not only affect the quality of oils and fats, but also absorb part of the oil and reduce the rate of oil.
Therefore, in order to ensure the smooth progress of production, we must remove impurities before using hydraulic press oil machine.
2. oil seed heat treatment (steam, stir fry):
Oil seed heat treatment is one of the most important processes in the process of oil extraction using hydraulic press oil machine.Oil seed eat treatment includes wetting and heating of oil seeds. A lot of oil seed can be by hot pressed oil and heat treatment effect on the whole process of using hydraulic press oil machine producing oil, has direct influence oil yield and quality of oil and meal. After heat treatment, the oil seeds are pressed by hot pressing, which is called cold pressing without heat treatment.
3 hydraulic oil press:
hydraulic press oil machine is around the world with a very wide range of a multifunctional press. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, high pressure, continuous processing materials, labor intensity is low, can be a variety of oil seed press.
hydraulic press oil machine pushing and extrusion making oil press machine internal space volume changing, oil seed press alternately by pressing and relax, billet structure will continue to be adjusted, make not squeeze the oil or extract oil less preform has more opportunity to fully squeezed. So it's better squeezing effect.
Want to get high quality edible oil, must be refined oil to make the quality of the processed oil better, better look, but also to remove harmful substances on the human body. So refining can improve the quality of oil. The purpose of refined oil is to remove impurities from edible oil. So oil production line is: screening machine, peeling/sheller machine, fry praster oil seed, hydraulic press machine, oil refining.


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