Palm kernel made of stainless steel

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plam kernel

Jintai is a company specializing in the production of oil press expeller (screw press, hydraulic press, all kinds of machine oil, oil press line) in China, the company is located in Zhengzhou City, Henan Gongyi City. Gongyi City, Henan Province, edible oil press manufacturer in China to sell palm kernel oil press expeller Gongyi basic production to gather. My company has more than 20 years in the production of palm kernel oil press expeller, theory and practice, adhere to the production of the most economical and most durable hydraulic machine, the customer's needs first, so I produced in China and news very popular in foreign countries, China's various provinces have my company's authorized dealers, foreign countries also have our dealers.
Small mobile palm kernel oil press stainless steel design is more popular, palm kernel oil extraction equipment after decades of continuous research and upgrading has changed dramatically, palm kernel device on a wide range gradually, one device not only capable of producing one but many, to achieve a multi-purpose machine, the oil yield is greatly improved, but the price of palm kernel oil press did not improve much.
Palm kernel oil extraction equipment in the original, based on the device materials for improvement, and now the product is used in stainless steel, and the original for comparison is a greater change in palm kernel oil extraction equipment for materials for analysis of the future will be found, so far has been more change in the last few years our country from the beginning of the material provisions of the standard food sector, which is a very important instrument in contact with food and equipment have requested stainless steel, this to catch up on a long time ago, and equipment used in the production of stainless steel, so that the space can be reduced by changing the shape of the fuel equipment, and its pressure is relatively large, it is precisely because palm kernel oil extraction equipment at the time of production will there is greater pressure, only stainless steel materials can withstand such pressure, improved after the device also attracted customers love.
In the use of stainless steel in the future, palm kernel device also carried out continuous reform, there are more in kind, to better meet customer needs, palm kernel devices are more diverse, and can be applied not only to household production performed street style production is entirely possible, in the design of the equipment is very sophisticated, can be placed on a tricycle, can edible oil processing site.
The study in the future, new small palm kernel oil press appeared, in the original foundation was modified from the name can be seen is the use of the material, can be more responsive to the production.

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