What is the oil rate of coconut oil expeller machine?

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coconut oil expeller machine

My company production for oil extraction machine, small press, automatic press, hydraulic press machine, screw press, peanut oil press and coconut oil expeller machine variety of press and oil press reasonable price, complete function. The company's production of screw press, coconut oil expeller machine, full automatic oil press, soybean oil extraction machine, peanut oil press machine, multifunctional small press, small fully automatic oil press hydraulic press and other series products, with advanced design, convenient operation and maintenance, coconut and dried vegetable seed, peanut, soybean, sesame, cotton, flax, sunflower seeds, Tung seed, tea seed various granular oil-bearing crops, products are exported to Russia, the Middle East and Southeast Asia and other countries.
Our factory is developed with innovation of science and technology enterprises, research and innovation, oil test, production and sales of one of the oil equipment factory specializing in the production of. We have a variety of domestic and foreign oil equipment and technology research, found its disadvantages. In order to change the backward situation of the traditional oil pressing equipment and technology. Our goal is: to human health oil, as the world's energy conservation, for farmers to increase income, to provide users with the most ideal equipment.
1 raw material oil frying machine

This machine is a corollary equipment for coconut oil expeller machine. The new technology has advantages of good quality oil, oil oil rate, labor saving, energy saving, simple operation. The highest oil rate has reached 48%, without chemical refining, a person can operate.
2,My plant production for independent innovation 6YL series spiral oil press, get rid of the original screw press many drawbacks, the whole machine with steel welding, greatly improving the mechanical strength; non wear parts, no wearing parts; equipped with advanced wear-resistant reducer, noise small, durable; press hall reasonable clearance, pressure, smooth material; mechanical and electrical integration, covers an area of less, convenient installation; reducer and material hall separation, do not return to the oil; drip pan parts not spilled oil, convenient slag removal; feeding system with a triangular belt transmission, smooth material feeding and discharging, durable; parts and convenient in use and maintenance.
Business scope

My plant specializing in the production of complete sets of equipment installation work. For small and medium sized plant automation production line design and installation of oil, oil technology teaching. Sales of the frying machine, oil filter machine, screw press and accessories.
feasibility analysis
Using our new equipment oil, more than a round cake method oil rate 3-6%, coal saving 78%, saving the cost of production of 50-70%.
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