High yield soybean oil extraction characteristics

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soybean oil extraction

JINTAI mechanical automatic soybean oil extraction works: automatic soybean oil extraction operation, good handling material from the hopper into the embryo virgin bore. By the pressing screw to screw in advance, it is pressed. Because parison in the automatic oil expeller bore is in motion state, in pressing bore pressure conditions, feed embryo and pressing screw, resulting in a lot of friction between the pressing chamber, so that the material of the between friction, relative motion.
Pressing screw root diameter park is gradually thickening. When pressing screw is rotated, so that the thread soybean oil extraction parison not only move forward, but also to turn outward, while pressing the material layer near the surface of the threaded shaft still with the pressing, pressing each item so that the embryo within the bore the particles are not constant, with the direction of movement, but also exist between the relative movement of the particles. Heat generated by the friction and meet on a heat oil extraction process operation must help promote the parison in the protein thermal denaturation, damage colloid, increased plasticity, but also reduces the viscosity of the oil to the oil easily precipitate, thus increasing the oil yield of automatic soybean oil extraction.
Today we JINTAI press for you on the next soybean oil extraction six advantages:
1. soybean oil extraction small footprint - oil pressing Square just 10-20 square meters will be able to meet.
2. Energy - the same yield and reduce power consumption by 40%, with an average savings of 6 kWh per hour, the production can save 36 yuan electricity.
3. easy to carry flow - for 6HT-68-type press, because the relatively light weight (about 140 kg), the relatively small size (about 1000 * 538 * 1050), can be placed on the vehicle carrying for liquidity press.
4. wide use - a machine can be pressed peanut, sesame, flax, seed, cotton seed, sunflower seed, soya beans, mountain tea seed, walnuts, corn germ and other oil crops, two presses, a virgin net .
5. soybean oil extraction pure oil - vacuum filtration residue to ensure the oil clean, oil extracted authentic, non-polluting, in line with health and quarantine requirements, meet the national standards of edible oil.
6. The oil rate - compared to the old press equipment, the oil rate can be higher than the normal 3-6 percent economic benefits are substantial. It is a set of press and filter in one of the press.
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