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Jintai is a company specializing in the production of oil press expeller (screw press, hydraulic press, all kinds of machine oil, oil press line) in China, the company is located in Zhengzhou City, Henan Gongyi City. Gongyi City, Henan Province, edible oil press manufacturer in China to sell oil press expeller Gongyi basic production to gather. My company has more than 20 years in the production of oil press expeller, theory and practice, adhere to the production of the most economical and most durable hydraulic machine, the customer's needs first, so I produced news in China and abroad very popular, China's various provinces have my company's authorized dealers, foreign countries also have our dealers.
Hydraulic oil press expeller is mainly used for processing of individual home press, the product is a kind of hydraulic automatic oil press expeller, production was small, but simple and convenient, usually used for sesame were pressing, also known as hydraulic sesame oil machine, now the main products are hydraulic oil press expeller and spiral oil press expeller, cold-pressed also spiral oil press expeller, relatively inexpensive, but the oil yield is not high, is flourishing is automatic hydraulic oil press expeller it was ten years ago in the Korean domestic technology introduced by vacuum filtration, automatic temperature control function. Good hydraulic oil press expeller oil out of the product quality, taste fragrant, the oil rate is still high. Now mainly in rural areas do processing, or sesame oil press expeller do live in an urban area of ​​processing, so it looks to produce more transparent and give customers more confidence. Conduct of business have great benefits, many areas are now operating according to this model, profits are quite lucrative.
Automatic hydraulic oil press expeller mechanical oil press expeller is easiest to operate, the highest oil yield, replacement of wearing parts least a small oil press expeller, sesame oil is the alternative to the manual operation of the most advanced equipment. Because every time squeeze less (2-8 kg / time), time is short (8-12 minutes / time), particularly suitable for medium and large cities citizens spend less, buy real goods, consumer psychology, rural towns to ensure rapid processing of incoming ( make their own fuel oil), known assured oil, oil press expeller main processing oil crops are: sesame, walnut, seed, pine nuts (peeled best), high-almond oil crops.
My company has a professional R & D center, staff from all sides, in order to improve oil press expeller performance, design and renovation press according to customer requirements, welcome friends from all over the world to visit our company.

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