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oil mill process

Now sesameoil mill process due to the improved power, pressure and temperature conditions, so the work is very easy and convenient, the first selection of raw materials impurity removal, and then crushed raw water about 7-8% softened into the steamer and steam to 115 degrees before entering virgin. Cold-pressed oil extraction points and hot pressing, in order to improve the oil yield and oil quality, generally heat pressing based.
First, clean up the material is dried: sesame oil mill process into the oil plant material inevitably carries some impurities. Before entering the sesame oil mill process if you do not remove entrained dirt sesame fruit, stems and leaves and other debris, they will not only affect the quality of oil and meal, and will absorb part of the fat, lower oil yield. If the fruit sesame sesame oil mill process in the folder gravel, metal, rope and other debris, it will lead to mechanical wear, induced accidents, effects of process results. Therefore, in order to ensure smooth production, we must try to remove impurities, high water content of rapeseed individual fruit, in order to facilitate shelling, drying treatment is necessary. Sesame oil mill process to clean up many ways, specifically in different ways depending on the circumstances of impurities. If the light impurities, such as grass, stems and leaves, etc., may be used winnowing method with a jet blow off impurities. If the impurity particles is small, you can choose to remove impurities. For the latter the size of some, relative density and rapeseed similar impurities, if the block belongs to the earth, you can rub in the mud crushing machine, and then filter removed. If the case of iron impurities, may be used an electromagnet or permanent magnet row separation. Impurity content should be below after cleaning.
Second, the heat treatment (steaming and roasting): sesame oil mill process heat treatment process to extract oil is the most important step. Heat treatment involves heating the green and moist in the production of sesame oil mill process called steamed or fried blank blank blank steaming and roasting is called after cooked blank. Where the green of the press after heat treatment called hot pressing, without heat treatment are known as cold pressing. Rapeseed is the main hot pressing. Sesame oil mill process heat treatment effect is good or bad for the level and the quality of the smooth progress of the whole process of oil and oil yield of oil, meal has a direct impact.
Third, press: sesame oil mill process is a small oil refineries with a very small rural widely used as a small press, it is a simple structure, high pressure, continuous materials handling materials, low labor intensity, can squeeze more seed oil. Sesame oil mill process volume because of its circular cage bars jagged curves and tapered, the material in the sesame oil mill process are squeezed when driven by the pressing screw and pressing screw extruder so that the inner wall of the cage and pressed changing space in the rear of the pressing cage due to cage bars are arranged round the inner wall of the squeeze cage serrated blanks here by alternately squeezing and relaxing, the preform structure continue to be adjusted in sesame oil mill process to obtain a homogeneous flip, so not squeeze squeeze oil or less oil blanks have more chance of being fully press. So it's squeezing effect is better.
In fact, sesame oil mill process oil extraction If you want high quality, refined oil must be done. Refined aim is to squeeze out impurities and oils through the process. This includes: Hydration degumming, neutralization of acid, deodorant, in addition to four-color process. But as a small-press processing in sesame oil mill process users do not have to be so complicated. In addition to gum with what effect? Gum is to increase oil color stuff, and easy to take with oil foam. So through this process we will be able to solve this problem. So that the processing out of the oil quality is better, look better, but also the removal of harmful substances. So we can improve the quality of refined oil. So sesame oil mill process oil extraction production line is: Dual filter peeling machine → press → → slave fried refining.

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