Flexibility and diversity of JINTAI edible oil machinery

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edible oil machinery

Jintai is a company specializing in the production ofedible oil machinery (screw press, hydraulic press, all kinds of machine oil, oil press line) in China, the company is located in Zhengzhou City, Henan Gongyi City. Gongyi City, Henan Province, edible oil press manufacturers, Chinese domestic sales Gongyi basic production press gathering. My company has more than 20 years engaged in the production press, theory and practice, adhere to the production of the most economical and most durable hydraulic machine, the customer's needs first, so I produced news in China and abroad very popular, China's various provinces have my company's authorized dealers, foreign countries also have our dealers.
When edible oil machinery operation, treated good oil squeezed from the hopper into the chamber. Pressed by the edible oil machinery spiral transfer embryos continued to make the material in advance, be pressed. Since the parison in the edible oil machinery squeezed bore is in motion state, in pressing bore pressure conditions, resulting in a lot of friction between the material and the pressing screw embryos, embryos and virgin material bore, thus make friction, resulting in relative movement between the micro-parison material. On the other hand, since the edible oil machinery pressing screw root diameter is gradually thickening Park pitch is gradually reduced, so that when the pressing screw is rotated, the threaded hard parison that is able to move forward, but also outwards at the same time close pressing screw threaded surface layer material further with the pressing axis. Thus in the edible oil machinery virgin bore each parison particle velocity is not the same direction, but also exist between particles relative motion. Heat generated by the friction but also to meet the oil extraction process operation necessary calories, help to promote parison thermal denaturation of proteins, damage colloid, increased plasticity, but also reduces the stickiness and some oil to easily precipitate, thus improve the oil yield edible oil machinery, so that there is oil squeezed out of feed and discharge slit strip and exhaust flow from the slit garden.
My company has a professional R & D center, staff from all sides, in order to improve the performance of edible oil machinery, can be designed according to customer requirements and reform press, welcome friends from all over the world to visit our company.

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