How does coconut oil mill machine get oil from coconut?⑵

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Yesterday we have talked about the technical parameter and process of making coconut oil by the coconut oil mill machine. And it is not finished. Today we will go on it.
After the pre-handle of the coconut, what else we need to do? 
  (4) steaming and roasting
This step is really matters a lot because it can increase the oil yield of the coconut oil mill machinery. Since steaming wok stirring constantly, copra within easy steaming wok oil, drip down along the main axis, resulting in waste and environmental pollution workshop; while agglomerate material easy to transport difficult. The solution: reduce material powder, reduce mixing time, always clean wok evaporated under feed nozzle and hoist discharge nozzle to prevent material build-up. Steam pressure: 0.6Mpa indirect steam: On the third, fourth, five steaming wok fried time: 30 ~ 40min outlet temperature: 100 ° C direct steam: Close
  (5) oil extraction
In this step, the main machine is coconut oil mill machine. Since the material properties of dry pulverized coconut oil is different from the general, not possible by conventional feed, no cake and squeeze out the oil segment cage no oil problem, and therefore need to adjust the gap between cage bars. When coconut oil mill machine press material, the gap is smaller cage bars, steaming and roasting condition improved materials, to feed normally, the oil major in the second paragraph, third paragraph. It is noteworthy that, before the beginning of the feed, pressing bore temperature had not risen up, pressing into the bore material flow is not large, it will be very easy to form a thin paste the feed point, so even the poor sinter cake. The main components of the coconut oil mill machine cake: Moisture 4.84% fat, 7.47%, 22.89% crude protein, carbohydrates 29.15%, 8.53% crude fiber, ash 6.82%, 0.16% calcium, phosphorus 0.55%, 0.23% magnesium , 1.75% potassium, zinc 53mg / kg, t copper 40mg / kg, manganese 75mg / kg. Steam pressure: 0.6Mpa indirect steam: Open steaming and roasting time: 20 ~ 30min into juice temperature: 115 ~ 120 ° C steam directly: Close cake thickness: 6 ~ 8mm cake residual oil: <10% unfiltered crude oil assay results: water and impurities: 0.2% free fatty acids: 3.8% (acid value of about 7.6mgKOH / g) color (13.335cm groove) R10, Y40 saponification value 262.6KOH / g.
  (6) Cooking oil and filter
 After pressed by the coconut oil mill machine, we need to clean the oil we get before eating. Copra containing a large amount of fiber, so more crude oil containing residue, in order to reduce the burden of the filter, in the process set a clear process oil, diesel oil extraction directly back to press again, oil tank scraper line speed of 3.73mm / s.

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