coconut oil expeller to the unique advantages of changing the oil extraction mode

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coconut oil expeller

Coconut oil expeller to the unique advantages of changing the oil extraction flexibility and diversity. With accelerated pace of life, we are increasingly concerned about nutrition and health food, coconut oil expeller is to upgrade it in the traditional press, pressing machine is a net, while saving time and labor, the oil is high, equipped with small power, pure oil, a machine can sesame, peanut, rapeseed, soybean, sunflower, flax, coconut oil and other 20 kinds of oil were processed. Automatic press supporting the entire bin, electrical connection can be produced, easy to operate, the press industry updating mandatory products.
Automatic coconut oil expeller features: 1 automatic coconut oil expeller cold pressed oil light color, nutrient-rich, sediment filter can be obtained through natural oil, refining cost savings, reduce consumption of refining. Small 2 automatic cold pressed coconut oil expeller cake protein destruction extent, help make full use of oil protein. 3 Automatic coconut oil expeller pressed into the low temperature (room temperature 10 ℃ ~ 50 ℃). 4 automatic coconut oil expeller press process fuel not in contact with any solvents, acids, alkalis, bleaching earth, chemical additives, processed oil and meal nutrients and trace elements loss, high protein meal. 5 automatic coconut oil expeller oil is high - compared to the old equipment, the oil rate can be higher than the normal 2-3 percent per hundred pounds of peanuts processed an average of 2-6 pounds more, the annual economic benefits very impressive. 6 Automatic coconut oil expeller Energy - the same electrical power output reduced by 40%, with an average savings of 6 kWh per hour, the production can save 30 yuan electricity. 7 automatic coconut oil expeller labor - labor savings equivalent to 60% yield, 1-2 people can organize production, the effectiveness of labor savings of about 40 million. 8 Automatic coconut oil expeller versatile - a machine can be pressed peanut, flax, sesame, rapeseed, sunflower, cottonseed, soybeans and other 30 kinds of oil crops. Multi-stage press, a virgin net. 9 automatic pure coconut oil expeller oil - vacuum filtration residue to protect the oil clean, compliance with health and quarantine standards. 10 automatic coconut oil expeller Small footprint - oil mill need 10-20 square meters.
Automatic coconut oil expeller oil extraction with a unique way to change people's oil extraction mode, rapeseed oil press we are in the trend of the economy, with each passing day, in a different way to show the oil pressing Square, the realization of their own value.

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