sunflower oil extraction Methods and Features

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sunflower oil extraction

My company specializing in the production of automatic sunflower oil extraction equipment design scientific, reasonable structure, easy to operate, safe and stable, fully automated apparatus to expect from the finished a few minutes to complete; material quality sophisticated technology; high hardness, strength, wear good to adapt to high temperature and pressure continuously work to improve the life of press sunflower oil extraction; and sunflower oil extraction device can also be a multi-purpose machine, press a variety of oil products.
The main features of sunflower oil extraction press
The oil is high compared with the old equipment, the oil rate can be higher than the normal 4-6 percent per hundred pounds of peanut processing on average more oil 4-6 pounds, annual economic benefits are substantial.
Energy saving, lower production of electric power equal to 40%,
Labor, labor savings equivalent to 60% yield, 1-2 people can organize production, the labor efficiency cost savings of $ 40
Versatile, can be pressed peanut, sesame, rapeseed, cottonseed, soybean and other 20 kinds of oil crops.
Pure oil, vacuum filtration residue check, protect the oil clean.
Small footprint, oil mill will be able to meet only 10-20 square meters.
sunflower oil extraction press equipment of high technology content, reasonable design, durable quality, high efficiency and energy-saving machines, other than press time-saving, labor-saving, energy saving. Widely applicable to many types of grain and oil processing and production, to overcome the shortcomings of ordinary sunflower oil extraction-press oil extraction process occurring in the body and problems exist in product sales, the company not only adhere to the quality of the products, but also to adhere to the honesty; and there are all kinds of products suitable for the size of the oil press oil press oil mill factories and individual use. Our company is specialized in automatic sunflower oil press equipment manufacturers, adhering to the "quality win market integrity to win the trust to seek win-win development" business philosophy to "honest man, Tashi work" style of work, the marketing of high-quality press equipment, to achieve the enterprise's own rapid development. Your trust is the driving force of our development, sunflower oil extraction press equipment Welcome!


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