How does coconut oil mill machinery get oil from coconut?⑴

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coconut oil mill machinery

We all know that in China, it’s not common to find coconut oil. And many oil mill machinery manufacturers even do not know how to press coconut oil by their coconut oil mill machinery. So here today, we, Gongyi Jintai oil press machine manufacturer, will introduce the main technical parameters and processes of making coconut oil by the coconut oil mill machinery.
    (1) copra transport
Copra bulk solid materials, should not use the hoist conveyor; small scraper conveyor due to poor feed imports were small, not suitable, scraper much higher cost does not pay, so choose a belt conveyor its inclination should not exceed 30 °, otherwise easy to swap material. Broken before the delivery device, the installation of iron removal devices to prevent damage to the metal material processing equipment, but also to ensure the quality of coconut oil meal.
  (2) crushing
 The coconut oil mill machinery can not press the whole or big piece coconut, so we need to crush them. Copra dried coconut meat is a texture obtained by tough big solid block, big block reached 180cm x 100mm x 6mm, should first solve about copra crushing problems, the choice of hammer mill, increased mesh size, reduce the number of hammer, hammer cross evenly arranged. Copra oil containing a high after crushing the material selected conveying chain hoist. Further, because of the higher degree of powder, each nozzle is easy access to material build-up or even blocked, therefore, expected out of each nozzle have opened a viewing window for observation and clear.
  To improve the yield of the coconut oil mill machinery, to prevent the material clogging the feed inlet is too slow and splashing powder, affect plant sanitation, taken twice crushed in the process: first, the early pieces, using the hammer mill, remove the sieve ; then by a second crushing molding machine using 703 break bread binding mode.
  (3) Billet
This is a necessary process when we use coconut oil mill machinery to get oil. Copra is a high-containing oil, rolling away from small easy oil, the other by crushing and conveying, the oil has been infiltrated in the material surface, easy to agglomerate sticky roller, causing the roll to eat difficult material or even blocked; copra hard, toughness , density, rolling distance is too small, the material will be accumulated in the two intermediate rolls. Therefore, copra billets is also different from other bulk oil, which rolled away from the larger, about 3 ~ 4.5mm, avoid high powder, sticky roller and a lower feed caused by poor clogging.

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