groundnut oil extraction process and detailed description

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groundnut oil extraction

groundnut oil extraction: 60 ℃ cold pressed, the production of peanut oil filtration process.
Oil Process Description: The Nordic countries led by cold pressing in 96 years since the advent of technology in developed countries has been rapid development, due to the cold-pressed oil light color, phospholipid content is extremely small, nutritional factors have not been able to heat damage and maximize the preservation, without complicated refining crude oil, can be consumed only physical filters, known as "green nutrition oil." rice bran oil, olive oil, camellia oil, flaxseed oil, walnut oil, grease all end use Preparation of cold pressed, groundnut oil extraction is in its infancy in China, to take the oil from the development process and enhance the concept of consumer health, the cold pressing process will be the future of China's leading oil technology.
Edible vegetable oil extraction method: (1) hot pressing groundnut oil extraction: steaming hot fried, skin pressed oil will feed into the process first of all to stir the pot, and then through the press is conducted oil, such processes. the advantage is fragrant oil, the oil is high, with low residual oil remaining. but the disadvantage is the result of raw material after hot pressing at high temperature processing, bio-active material itself is reduced. (2) cold pressing groundnut oil extraction is to reduce the high-temperature heating step, depending on the physical and mechanical enormous pressure to separate the oil from the raw material out of the purified and refined. it combines the modern high-tech filtration purification technology, with the entire production process is pollution-free, natural nutrition products from damage, reducing steamed, fried, and so increase the oil extraction rate of the process, to a greater extent to retain the original biological activity.
groundnut oil extraction Process comparison: 1.traditional physical crushing process: mixed-level cleanup peanuts → impurity → broken  → press → steamed speculation crude oil refined oil → refined feed grade cold pressed peanut cake 2. process : 6 sieve selection of high-quality peanuts over peanut skin off → clean up peanut purify temper → cold pressing cold-pressed crude oil coarse filter→ clean filter high-quality cold pressed peanut cake  → smash → cold pressed peanut oil peanut protein powder 9 major health advantages 1, no protein thermal denaturation 2, no solvent residues 3, 4 contains natural antioxidants, no aflatoxin 5, does not contain genetically modified (GMO) ingredients 6, no cholesterol component 7 , free of chemicals and preservatives 8, does not destroy the peanuts in a variety of nutrients


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