How is the cooking oil quality pressed by automatic cold press expeller machine?

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With the diversification of automatic cold press expeller machine, the quality of its oil extraction process in the oil quality by what decision? We Gongyi Jintai automatic cold press expeller machine manufacturer analysis for everyone:
(1) With the increase in the moisture content of virgin material, automatic cold press expeller machine plasticity is also increasing. When the water reaches a certain point, squeezing the best out of the oil situation, when the moisture content is called the optimal critical moisture or water. For a certain kind of virgin material, under certain conditions, there is a relatively narrow optimum moisture range. Of course, the optimum moisture range simultaneously with other factors, the first temperature is closely related to the extent of protein denaturation.
(2) Effect of automatic cold press expeller machine to extract oil effect is a major factor in the press to take the effect of oil depends on many factors, including the structure and material conditions of the press two aspects. In addition, automatic cold press expeller machine structure and its selection will also affect to some extent the effect of the oil. Structural properties of virgin material depends primarily on the quality of the pretreatment and the composition of the oil itself. Requirements virgin feedstock oil viscosity and lower surface tension as much as possible, pressing the material particles have enough plasticity.
(3) the nature of virgin material by moisture, temperature, oil content, protein denaturation and other factors with each other reflected. Under automatic cold press expeller machine in less demanding residual rate, the virgin material reasonably low moisture and high temperatures are required. Different pretreatment process may get squeezed into the same moisture and temperature. Excessive protein denaturation will reduce virgin plastic material, thereby enhancing the necessary operating pressure of automatic cold press expeller machine. In short, in order to ensure an appropriate level of protein denaturation good press to take the oil effect.
(4) Olive oil is rich in oleic acid, a saturated fatty acid can easily be avoided due to increased blood lipids, is the first choice in the elderly. Sunflower oil also rich in linoleic acid, lower cost than safflower oil, and no smell, more suitable for general public consumption. Walnut oil is rich in linolenic acid, phospholipids, helps brain health, and contain polyunsaturated fatty acid ratio similar to breast milk for pregnant women, infants and young children and the elderly.
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