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Many people do not know what the standard is refined, based on hearsay evidence and asked some strange questions, such as: Do you Gongyi Jintai, as a professional cooking oil expeller machine supplier, your screw press can be squeezed out of oil refining up to the national standards? Screw press oil can be squeezed out of the straight filling it? Whenever I see a problem we are also very helpless, really can not start, do not know where the answer from ah. Today with the opportunity to look at the popularity of edible oil and edible classification criteria for you.
cooking oil expeller machine suppliers all know that oil often buy in the supermarket knows, supermarket cooking oil can be divided into "One, two, three, four" level, then the level is what does it mean, what were they representatives it?
Oil countries to develop new standards of refined edible oil according to its degree is divided into four. As the name suggests, the higher the level, the better the grade of oil also represents, then what is it not the case, many consumers believe that an edible oil, two oil than the three oil, four oil to be healthy. According to insiders, the oil level is actually depending on the degree of refining to divide, but it does not mean that the higher the nutritional value, so you can not just look at the degree of refining oil is high, but also consider whether the nutritional value of oil high, because of the high degree of refining, indicating the higher the temperature, and it will lead to the passage of nutrients.
cooking oil expeller machine suppliers offer all vegetable seed oil expeller machine. And vegetable oil available in the market with a variety of raw materials, largely soybean, rapeseed, peanut, corn, tea seed oil, these vegetable oils are rich in unsaturated fatty acids and nutrients more phytosterols, squalene, carotene, vitamin E and so on, but if you want the oil rate of these plants, it is necessary that the temperature increase would also be contrary to reduce nutrients.
cooking oil expeller machine suppliers in the oil refining process, changing the fatty acid composition of the oil is limited. Three, four oil color than one or two slightly deeper, the refining of crude oil after appropriate, in addition to a number of harmful substances, while retaining the original nutrients of edible oil. With a higher level of oil refining, oil purity will increase, but there is a certain loss of nutrients. After decolorization and deodorization oil refining process, the removal of harmful substances at the same time, will lose about 60% of nutrients. If the degree of oil refining to a purity of more than 99% oil, lighter color, tasteless, very little impurities, but the nutrients it contains almost gone.
So, three or four oil refining degree, though not high, but as with other levels of oil, in full compliance with national health standards, will not produce any harm to human health. Whether it is one or four edible oils, consumers can rest assured that food. In order to fully absorb nutrition, cooking oil expeller machine suppliers recommend eat four oil.
By the above point of view, we should not understand that the higher the level, the better the oil, can consider the pros and cons.

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